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An Overview of BOCW Registration Bihar

The BOCW Act was introduced to resolves the problems of unskilled labours who work in harsh and dangerous conditions. The purpose of this Act is to keep an eye on the working conditions of the workers who worked in the building and construction industry. In Bihar, many workers or labours faces various problems in this industry, so to tackle such problem Bihar government introduced the BOCW Bihar Scheme under BOCW Act. It is considered as a social welfare scheme that works with the aim to provide benefits to the workers who are involved in the activities related to construction & building in Bihar.

Objective of BOCW Act, 1996

The objective of this Act is to standardise the employment & conditions of service of BOCW workers and to provide for their safety, welfare, and health measures and for other matters associated therewith. Following are some other objectives:

  • This Act ensures that workers are working properly and not being ill-used and a healthy environment is provided to them;
  • This functions to provide quick assistance to the workers in case of any accident by providing pensions, provide loans for home construction, making payments related to premia for Group Insurance Scheme, providing financial help for their children, medical expenses;
  • It is made a mandate by the Indian Government for Bihar Government to constitute their BOCW Welfare Boards;
  • Workers can apply for the registration of BOCW Bihar in the prescribed form along with all the vital Documents and registration fee;
  • Application for BOCW Bihar Registration is filed to the officer certified by the Board on their behalf.

Who is an employer and their responsibility?

In the case of an establishment, the owner thereof, in relation to a building or other construction work carried on by or under any Government authority, the authority specified in their behalf, or the Head of Department where no authority is specified.Following are some responsibilities of the employer.

  • An employer is responsible for giving approval and enough administration and supervision of any building or any other construction work in their establishment so as to ensure the compliance with the provision of the Act regarding the safety and following all the practical steps essential to prevent accidents;
  • Where any changes occur in any of the details provided under sub-section (1), then the employer shall inform the inspector regarding the change within 2 days of such alteration or changes;
  • At least 30 days before the commencing of any construction work, the employer shall send or cause to be sent to the inspector who has the jurisdiction in that area where the planned building or any other construction works is to be executed.

Documents Required for BOCW Bihar Registration

Following are some vital Documents required for BOCW Registration:

  1. Age proof of the applicant (if no age is available, then self-declaration);
  2. Aadhar Card of the applicant;
  3. Residence proof of the applicant;
  4. Details of the bank account such as account number, name of the bank branch, and RTGS or IFSC Number);
  5. Details of the dependents and certificate of the employer of working for 90 days as construction worker & nomination form.

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BOCW Bihar Registration Procedure

Step 1: First the employer needs to register on the official website of BOCW Bihar and to register, the employer need to create a new login id. Once it is created, the login credentials will be sent to the user’s registered email id and mobile number.

Step 2: Once the id is created, all the information is required to be filed on the website in which all information about the establishment such as organisation address, details of the workers, construction details, details of employer or occupier, and declaration are required.

Step 3: All the Documents should be in proper sixe & format and attach it to the application form properly.

Step 4: After that, you need pay the fees online or offline as per the convenience of the applicant.

Step 5: If the Documents and all the Documents is as per the norms and guidelines, then the Registration Certificate is issued.

When can the BOCW Bihar Registration be cancelled?

In case the registering officer is satisfied that the Registration of any organisation has been acquired by suppression of any material fact or misrepresentation or the provision of the Act are not fulfilled with either on a reference being made to him on their behalf, or otherwise, in reference with any work that is carried by such organisation or for any other reason the Registration has become useless and for that reason the registration can be cancelled, then in such instance, he may after giving the employer a reasonable chance to be heard.

Penalties charged for the violation of the provision of the Act

  • Under Section 46, when any employer doesn’t give notice of the commencement of the building or other construction work, the he or she shall be punishable for a term which may be extended to 3 months or with a fine which may be extended up to Rs. 2000/- or with both.
  • Whoever interferes with an inspector during discharge of their duty under the Act or wilfully disregards or refuses to support the inspector with any reasonable facility for making any inspection, investigation, examination, inquiry as sanctioned by or under the Act in reference to an organisation shall be punishable with imprisonment for a time period which may be extended for 3 months or a fine up to Rs. 1000/- or both.

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