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Overview of Bar License in Haryana

A bar License is a legal permit issued by the Government to the one who applies for it for selling alcohol. The Haryana Excise and Taxation Department grants bar licenses in Haryana but similar to other states obtaining this license in this state also is an overwhelming process.

Establishing a Bar with a restaurant is more complicated than opening an only restaurant because it involves more compliances and paperwork. It is mandatory for every bar, club, etc., located in the state of Haryana to have a bar license. There are different kinds of bars and restaurants recognised in our country, such as:

  • Pub
  • Night Club
  • Tapas Bar
  • Lounge
  • Sports Bar
  • Concert Bar

In a recent decision taken by the Haryana State Government as part of its new liquor licensing policy, the pubs, restaurants, etc. will have the option to be open 24x7 in the state.

Following are the significant points of Haryana's new policy on bar licensing that are needed to be considered:

  • Bars and restaurants are at liberty to remain open 24x7 in the state of Haryana.
  • No cab of timings for the outlets that pay an additional liquor license fee.
  • Bars and restaurants in Haryana can start serving liquor from 8 AM.
  • Owners of bars in Haryana that are likely to close their bars or restaurants at 2 AM can continue to pay the annual retail liquor license fee of Rs. 18 Lakh.
  • Haryana State Government has reduced excise duty on whisky and wine from Rs. 225 per PL/BL to Rs. 75 per PL/BL.
  • VAT on imported foreign liquor has been slashed down from 10% to 3%, and for Country liquor, wine, beer, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), etc. reduced from 13-14% to 12%.
  • Morni, a tourist place in the hills of Panchkula district of Haryana, is added to the list of places where bar license is granted to promote adventure sports and tourism.
  • Bars and clubs that are located anywhere in the state can seek a Bar License in Haryana.
  • No change is made in the minimum retail sale price of most of the brands of country liquor and IMFL except metro liquor, where there is a marginal increase.
  • A basic quota of country liquor and IMFL is Rs. 1100 lakh PL and 650 PL, respectively.

Benefits of a Bar License in Haryana

Following are the benefits of obtaining a Bar License in Haryana:

Raise in Turnover

Any bar with this license has a regular turnover as more distilleries bring more sales to such bars and pubs having Bar licenses.

Observance of applicable state excise authority

Any bar and restaurant with this bar license will comply with the State and Municipal Excise Rules. Excise duties are paid on liquor brought into the appropriate state under the prescribed schemes.

Improvement of reputation

Any bar and restaurant with a bar license in the state of Haryana gain a reputation amongst the state's general population. Even more, conformity is maintained if the Haryana State Government authorities impose any restrictions.

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Pre-requisites for Bar License in Haryana

Requirements for opening a Bar and obtaining a Bar License in Haryana are as follows:


Unlike casual dining restaurants, restaurants with bars need more space of around 5,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet and spread over one to two floors.

Right Kitchen Equipment and Raw Material

It is necessary to have a sturdy backend for restaurants with bars. Proper kitchen equipment and good quality raw material help in achieving smooth functioning. Right equipment not only makes everything easy but also helps in having less dependency on highly skilled employees.

Apart from kitchen equipment, one must have good crockery and bar set up as it helps in seeking more attention from customers.

Service Area of Bar

The ambience and colours of the bar must promote feelings of relaxation and having a good time. Furniture such as soft cushy seats, sofas, loungers and chairs for dining guests should be comfortable.

Licenses and Registration

The format of restaurants with bars requires more licenses, registrations and approvals than any other restaurant format. The basic licenses required to open a bar in Haryana are as follows:

Workforce or manpower

Staff in more numbers are required for the smooth functioning of bars, including Head Chef, Chef de Partie, Commis level chefs, helpers, waiters, captains, dishwashers, managers, guards, Bartenders and bouncers.

Staff Uniform

A smartly dressed and sharp-looking staff impresses customers more.


Marketing involves basic necessities such as a well-designed light board, a menu for all tables, a separate bar menu, pamphlets, etc. Paid Advertisements and campaigns on social media enhance digital marketing.

Types of Equipment

For establishing and proper running of restaurants with bars, the following are required equipment:

  • Freezers, refrigerators and ice makers
  • Ranges (Gas/Flat), Grills and Induction
  • Microwaves
  • Food processors, blenders and mixers
  • Food prep surfaces
  • Food prep equipment (knives, pots, pans, etc.)
  • Mixing bowls, storage containers and shelves
  • Utensils, napkins, apron and linen
  • Keg equipment
  • Bar accessories

Kinds of Bar License in Haryana

Following are the kinds of bar licenses in Haryana:

Restaurant Liquor License

A restaurant liquor license is also called an all-liquor license, and it is the most common type of liquor license. This license means an individual is permitted to serve all types of alcohol on his dining premises.

Wine and Beer License

A wine and Beer License is a permit to facilitate the sale of these two forms of soft or mild alcohols. Such a license also strictly prohibits the sale of hard or b alcohol.

Tavern License

A tavern License is for restaurants serving both alcohol and food. These restaurants get approximately 50% of their profit by selling alcoholic drinks.

Server License

Besides licenses for the establishment, it is also necessary to obtain the same for individual servers as an authorisation to carry out their alcohol-based business. Such a license is known as Server License.

Documents required for Bar License in Haryana

To obtain a Bar License in Haryana, one needs to submit the following Documents:

  • Appropriate application Form duly signed by MD, Director authorised, working partner authorised or President of society, and prescribed fees.
  • Details of the entity with particulars of sales across India combined with the Ex-distillery price mentioned in Affidavit.
  • Details of the required brand with particulars of sales across India & Ex-distillery price expected MRP and various duties.
  • Description of required brands
  • ENA Certificate for the extra neutral and neutral alcohol
  • Trademark Certificate under Trademark Act, 1999 or the registered Trademark license
  • For foreign TMS, the brand must apply in India.
  • An affidavit providing the genuineness of foreign TMX
  • Excise Verification Certificate (EVC) for sale verification
  • Sale verification report
  • Sale figure Certificate & EDP from Excise Authority
  • MOA and AOA along with Certificate of Registration, in case of the Co-operative Society
  • Partnership Deed under Partnership Act, 1932, in a case registered as Partnership
  • Copy of licenses used for the distillery, brewery or bottling plant that has to be obtained from its place of manufacture
  • Power of attorney signed by authorised Director, MD or Director, appointed as an attorney by the Applicant
  • No dues Certificate issued by appropriate Excise Department
  • Copy of latest IT Return or Copy of Income Tax
  • Clearance certificate or copy of latest IT assessment order or copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of annual account and duly audited balance sheet
  • Personal bond
  • Identity proof and details of address of the Applicant
  • Business premises address
  • No Objection Certificate from landowner and copy of rent agreement, if on rent.
  • Business and site plan Documents of incorporation such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, in case it is a company
  • List of partners along with Partnership Deed, in case it is a partnership firm.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Fire Department
  • Application Form as prescribed by the Excise Department
  • Completion certificate of the restaurant or bar
  • FSSAI License
  • Trade and Health License
  • Liquor License
  • Copy of trade license
  • Provident Fund Registration
  • Eating House License
  • Photographs of business premises, as per requirement
  • An affidavit stating that Applicant has no outstanding dues and no criminal history
  • Undertaking regarding the installation of all required facilities, such as CCTV
  • Shop and Establishment License
  • Fire safety License from the Haryana Fire Department
  • If Applicant wishes to install a lift on its premises from Electricity Department and Labour Commissioner's Office, Lift Clearance.
  • Music License, if Applicant wishes to play music at its premises.
  • Certificate of Environmental Clearance from Haryana State Pollution Control Board
  • License from the Haryana Municipal Corporation
  • VAT/GST Registration Certificate obtained from the Department of Trade and Taxes, Haryana, to ensure that the Applicant files tax and maintains compliance.
  • Performance report issued by EI
  • Existing License Affidavit
  • New License Affidavit

Procedure for Bar License in Haryana

Following are the steps to follow for a bar license in Haryana:

Step I

The application form is filled and submitted in the prescribed format with all the required necessary papers and requisite fees at the Haryana Excise Department, ETC (FC).

Step II

The submitted application form and supporting by the Excise Inspector, and after verification, the Excise and Taxation Officer or Assistant Excise and Taxation Officer sign those verified necessary papers.

Step IV

After verification of the application form and Documents submitted with it and upon the approval of ETC (FC) Haryana, the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner grants the bar license.

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  • Complete all Admissibility Criteria for Preliminary Screening
  • Complete Procedural Actions
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