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An Overview of trademark registration in Sikkim

Sikkim is part of the eastern Himalayas. It is rich in biodiversity and one of the fastest-growing multi-ethnic and multilingual states. Sikkim's economy is primarily agricultural-based in cultivating rice, maze and millets. Sikkim is also known for its ecotourism, handicrafts, silk reeling and processing industries and tea and spice industries. All these conditions make Sikkim a suitable state for investment and industrialization. So to get a unique identification business in Sikkim, trademark registration is necessary.

Trademark registration helps to protect a business's unique identity by giving the owner exclusive rights to use his trademark (logo, phrase, symbol, colour, etc.). It helps prevent others from using the particular trademark without the owner's permission, protects the brand's reputation, and prevents confusion among customers. If you are thinking about trademark registration in Sikkim. Then, you are at the right place.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Sikkim

  • A registered trademark for a brand increases brand recognition and consumer trust and helps establish your business as a reliable and trustworthy brand.
  • Trademark registration also serves as evidence of ownership and makes it easier to enforce your rights in court if necessary. In the event of a dispute, a registered trademark can also provide added legal protection to your brand.
  • By registering your trademark, you gain exclusive rights to use the particular symbol/phrase and prevent others from using it without your permission.
  • The trademark registration process enables the company to reduce its marketing campaign budget for promoting a particular brand.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Sikkim

  • The applicants should fill out forms TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-8 etc.
  • The applicant can be a national of India or domiciled in India or have a real and effective business or commercial establishment in India.
  • Necessary paper works
  • The particular good or service description for applying for trademark registration.

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Documents required for trademark registration in Sikkim

  • PAN card of the product business/proprietor
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Business objectives of the brand
  • Class in which TM should be applied
  • MSME certificate
  • Signed form-48, form-8.
  • Logo/ trademark/tagline, if any
  • Aadhar card of any one of the proprietors

Process for trademark registration in Sikkim

  • Conducting a trademark search having a distinctive brand name or logo in mind in the TM search
  • If the selected logo is not conflicting, then the same can be applied.
  • After applying, all the relevant Documents may be scrutinized by the examiner. This verification process may take around 10- 16 months.
  • Later the trademark is published in the trademark journal for the objections of third parties.
  • If no such objection is found, the registrar grants the trademark registration.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Sikkim

Once the registrar grants trademark registration, a trademark is valid for ten years from the day its trademark application is registered. A company must file a request for the renewal of a trademark application six months before the expiration date.

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If you wish to get your trademark registration in Sikkim. Our Corpbiz legal team has a fair amount of field knowledge and expertise and can support you with registration. Our team of experts and professionals will help you to get trademark registration with minimal cost and effort. The corpbiz would also like to support your other business requirements like company registration, accounting etc.

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