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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Mizoram

Mizoram is a state which has a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year. The state is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna. The major industries in Mizoram are the textile and handloom industries. The tribal shawls and hand-printed sarees are some of the unique identities of Mizoram. Mizoram also has various cottage industries. To get the identity of your business from others, it is necessary to get a trademark for your product or services in Mizoram.

A trademark is used to identify the brand owner of a particular product. Once an organization gets trademark registration, no other organization cannot make use of symbols as long as the trademark remains in use. These trademark identity also used as the company's assets in some cases. Suppose you are eager to establish your business in Mizoram with trademark registration. Our Corpbiz team will guide you through the entire process.

Advantages of getting a Trademark Registration in Mizoram

  • The trademark is considered an intangible asset to the business that creates value for the business. It acts as a sign of commitment to the company's reputation, which can aid your customer in purchasing your brand.
  • The trademark-registered product can indirectly act as an advertisement for its brand. The investment involved in branding and advertisement can be minimized.
  • Trademark Registration makes it easier for consumers to identify your products, makes your product famous and different from others brands and acts as an effective commercial tool.
  • Once the trademark is registered, no other person can use your logo or style. So the owner automatically gets legal protection against its brand.

Criteria for Trademark Registration in Mizoram

  • Proper trademark for the specified product or service
  • Preparing Documents based on the expectations of the client
  • Legal Documents verifications
  • Proper follow-up and assistance
  • Gets the necessary details of the product and service

Documents required for Trademark Registration in Mizoram

  • Incorporation certificate/ partnership deed
  • Logo/word/mark/tagline
  • Signed POA
  • PAN and Aadhar card proof
  • Identity and address proof of the signatory
  • Udyog certificate, if necessary
  • Name and address of the society or trust
  • Registration certificate

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Process for Trademark Registration in Mizoram

  • Intense trademark research from appropriate classes before filing the trademark.
  • The applicant can file the trademark in a trademark registry office, or our expert team will file the Document on behalf of the client.
  • Examining the application of the trademark for duplications
  • After applying, the trademark will be published in the journal for any opposition against the trademark.
  • If no opposition is given, the trademark registrar will issue the trademark registration certificate.

Validity of Trademark Registration

  • The validity of the trademark starts immediately after the trademark certificate is issued, and the validity of the trademark is 10 years. After expiration, the trademark can be renewed.
  • The organization can renew its trademark according to its need.

Corpbiz Support

If you wish to establish your business in Mizoram. Our Corpbiz legal consultants would help you to establish your business with proper trademark registration services in Mizoram. Our team will extend their help in searching for a trademark and also our expert attorneys will support you in various processes related to trademark registration and conduct regular verification to avoid conflict with your trademark. If requested, we would also extend our help in other business needs like taxation, legal verification, auditing, etc.

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