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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one among the north-eastern seven sisters state; It is blessed with virgin forests, high plateaus, tumbling waterfalls, etc. Meghalaya is suitable for most agricultural patterns and is famous for its Horticulture crops. It is also a hub for various cottage industries. So to distinguish your business from others, getting a trademark for your product is necessary. However, a business is seeking for trademark office in Meghalaya or any trademark registry office in Meghalaya to get approval on the mark. The business need to register their trademark to the Kolkata office.

A trademark is considered as a distinctive sign or indicator used by any organization or individual to identify the product of one trader from another. The trademark can be a slogan, colour, numerical or letter that creates a unique identity for the product and the company. A trademark may be on a label, a package, or a product. Corporate identity trademarks are also being displayed on company buildings. Suppose you wish to register your trademark in Meghalaya. Our Corpbiz experts will provide a comprehensive solution to register your trademark.

 Advantages of getting a Trademark Registration in Meghalaya

  • A Trademark Registration gives legal protection to your brand identity. Registered trademark owners are allowed to take legal action or sue for damages in case of trademark infringement.
  • Trademark registration will help you to get a unique identity and brand for your goods or services. Competitors cannot use your trademark for similar goods or services.
  • The R symbol indicates that your brand has a registered trademark, which makes your brand a trusted one.
  • Trademark registration creates an intellectual property, an intangible asset for an organization.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Meghalaya

  • Initial Phase – search and choose the right trademark
  • The expert team will prepare an application based on the requirements
  • Verify all the required Documents
  • The trademark, after being filed with the registrar, can use the TM symbol
  • To know the status of the application, regular follow-up is made.

Documents required for trademark registration in Meghalaya

  • Identity and business proof
  • Signature of the owner
  • Form TM-12 and Form 48
  • PAN and Aadhar scanned copies
  • The logo/ word/ style which contains the product name
  • User affidavit dually signed by the owner
  • Start-up recognition certificate (MSME), if needed
  • Incorporation certificate(LLP/partnership firm)

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Process for trademark registration in Meghalaya

  • Selecting a style for your brand from any of the 45 classes available.
  • Make intense verification and search in the trademark registry to avoid duplication.
  • Apply with a relevant verified Document.
  • If the registry objected to the application, make proper corrections and re-apply
  • Apply to get the trademark registration. The symbol R to the product or service can be included.

Validity of Trademark Registration

  • The Trademark Act 1999 provides that the validity of the trademark for any product or service is valid for ten years. After expiration, the trademark can be renewed as per the business's need.
  • The company can get the trademark renewal before the expiry, I.e. within six months before the expiry.

Corpbiz Support

Suppose you wish to establish your business in Meghalaya. Our Corpbiz consultants offer trademark registration services for business products and services. They conduct intensive style searches and other purposes related to trademark registration. Our legal team will help you with various processes related to trademark registration and search for mark verification to avoid conflict with your marks if it is found identical to any mark already in use. We are also happy to extend our help in your other business needs like taxation, auditing etc.

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