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An Overview of trademark registration in Manipur

Manipur is the north eastern state full of natural sceneries. It is a zone for cottage industries where a lot of indigenous handicrafts and arts are still in practise. A world class tribal shawls are produced here with natural indigenous paints. Because of its varities of products it becomes vital for any businesses to obtain the trademark in Manipur. So to have a flourish able business in Manipur trademark registration is very crucial.

A trademark creates a unique identity to the product and also the company which differs it from other goods or services which may include shape of the goods, colour of the product, their packaging, any slogan etc. Any person, legal entities or foreign national can apply for the trademark. It also builds confidence and trust over the customers. If you wish to register your trademark in Manipur, then you are at the right place, our Corpbiz experts will provide you an end-to-end solution.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Manipur

  • The trademark registration legal protection to your brand, that no other person can use your registered trademark without your prior permission. It also gives a unique identity, if any customer sees your brand name they think about your company and also helps to popularise your brand.
  • It assures the consistency of the product and its quality and builds confidence, trust and loyalty among the customer.
  • The R symbol says that you are the registered trademark, so it makes easy for the customer to choose your brand
  • Build trust and creates reputation for the company
  • The trademark registration creates assets to the company and protects against violation of your product.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Manipur

  • Research, identify and select the trademark for your product
  • The application will be processed on behalf of the client
  • Conducts Trademark Search before filing application.
  • TM-12 form if the trademark is a renewal
  • The status of the application is regularly checked after filing the application
  • Once the trademark is approved, it is regularly followed and get the registration is done.

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Documents required for trademark registration in Manipur

  • Applicant’s proof (name, any relevant Document)
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Fill out Form TM-12 and Form -48
  • Copies of PAN and Aadhar of brand owners
  • The logo which contains brand name
  • User affidavit, signed by he applicant
  • Start-up recognition certificate
  • LLP/company registration certificate
  • Registration information with TM symbol
  • Business nature (types and objectives)

Process for trademark registration in Manipur

  • Select a trademark and under which class the trademark can be registered from 45 classes
  • Make research in the trademark registry to avoid duplication
  • Filing application with all the Documents
  • Response to the trademark registry if objection reported
  • Get the final trademark registration
  • Apply symbol R to the product or service after obtaining the tradeamark

Validity of Trademark Registration

  • According to the Trademark Act 1999 the validity of the trademark is ten years, after expiration the trademark can be renewed as per the business need.
  • The company can get the trademark renewal within 6 months from the expiry.

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