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Trademark Class 23

Trademark Class 23 registration consists various yarns and threads which are utilized for the production of different textiles. If you need to register your trademark in this particular class then you are just a click away! We have a well-organized trademark class finder of the CorpBiz professionals

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Overview of Trademark Class 23

Trademark Class 23 consists of a variety of yarns and threads which are utilized for the production of various textiles. It is a minimal classification when it is being compared with many other classes. The trademarks used in the businesses of these resources and products are registered under Trademark class 23 at Indian & international levels.

Trademark Class 23

Concept of Trademark Classification

These categorization aids for easy Trademark Registration of all service marks in numerous fields under the National and International Trademark Offices all over the world. Goods and services have been by the International Classification of Goods and Services into 45 Classes of Trademark – 1 to 34 goods and 35 to 45 services. CorpBiz is one of the platforms that coordinate to fulfill all your trademark requirements and connect you to reliable Trademark professionals.

List of Items consisted in Trademark Class 23

  • Woolen Yarns and Threads;
  • Threads and Yarns made of Plastic and Rubber for Textile Use;
  • Spun Yarns and Threads;
  • Sewing Threads and Yarns;
  • Linen, Silk, and Rayon Yarns and Threads;
  • Jute Yarns and Threads;
  • Hemp Threads and Yarns;
  • Fiberglass Threads and Yarns;
  • Embroidery Threads and Yarns, including Metal Threads;
  • Darning Threads and Yarns;
  • Cotton Yarns and Threads;
  • Coir Threads and Yarns;
  • Chenille Yarns;
  • Bedding linen of paper.

Trademark Class 23 does NOT include the following Items

  • Certain special textiles;
  • (Class 10) Electrically heated blankets, for medical purposes and (Class 11) not for medical purposes;
  • (Class l6) Table linen of paper; 
  • (Class 18) Horse blankets.

Related (Coordinated) Classes

If the candidate is not sure whether to register in Trademark Class 23, following ‘coordinated’ classes may be considered-


List of Goods that come under Trademark Class 23

  • Yarn
  • Woolen Thread And Yarn
  • Threads Of Plastic Materials For Textile Use
  • Thread Of Metal For Embroidery
  • Threads
  • Spun Wool / Worsted
  • Spun Thread And Yarn
  • Spun Silk
  • Spun Cotton
  • Silk Thread And Yarn
  • Sewing Thread And Yarn
  • Rubber Thread For Textile Use
  • Rayon Thread And Yarn
  • Linen Thread And Yarn
  • Jute Thread And Yarn
  • Hemp Thread And Yarn
  • Fiberglass Thread For Textile Use
  • Fiberglass Thread For Textile Use
  • Embroidery Thread And Yarn
  • Elastic Thread And Yarn For Textile Use
  • Darning Thread And Yarn
  • Cotton Thread And Yarn
  • Coir Thread And Yarn
  • Chenille Yarn

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Class 23 consists of a variety of yarns and threads which are utilized for the production of various textiles.

Trademark classes are separated by Goods and Services, in which each class has different kinds of goods as well as services.

The registration of trademark offers the owner "the right to protect the trademark" once it is registered.

A Trademark Class Search list comprises of 45 classes, consisting goods and services.

Our CorpBiz will offer you with a full review and support of theoretical questions related to trademark design and exclusivity in registration and protection of trademarks as well as service marks related to all 45 classes.

Yes, a three-dimensional mark is registrable.

Nice Classification by WIPO is adopted in India.

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