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An Overview of PSARA License in Ahmedabad

A private security agency is a business entity which can provide services like security guards/bouncers/event security/shooters/bodyguards etc., to their customers. To provide all these services, the businesses require PSARA License in Ahmedabad. Since the PSAR Act was passed, a security agency must now get a license from the relevant state controlling authority before starting the security agency operations. If the requirements of PSARA are not met, the law stipulates severe penalties and even may order to cancel or suspend the license. A private security agency licensing application is submitted to the state's appropriate government authority to validate the license. The PSARA Rules 2005 regulates and checks the activities of private security agencies. Hence it is advisable to nay PSA to enrol for their license to start your business in Ahmedabad.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA license in Ahmedabad

Eligibility criteria for business entities of firms / Directors / Security officer

  • Any business entities like OPC, LLP or individuals can apply for the PSARA license in Ahmedabad.
  • Any eligible Indian resident who attained a major can apply for PSARA License. Suppose an applicant is a business entity; then the majority shareholders must be Indian
  • Applicants should maintain a good track record without any criminal offence.
  • The applicant should not have imprisoned not less than 2 years.
  • The applicant should not have been debarred from government employment and should not have contact with the organisation; that is banned by Indian law.
  • The security guard and supervisor must produce a character certificate from a previous employer and a good physical standards certificate.

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Documents for PSARA license in Ahmedabad

  • PAN card and mobile number of the owner
  • Voter Id, driving license or Aadhar card of the owner
  • photos of the owners/ proprietors
  • Office photo with agency board image
  • Shop establishment (Gumasta) registration certificate
  • Security agency uniform colour
  • Signed MOU certificate between the applicant and the training institute
  • Character verification certificate of all the employees
  • Armed license certificate, if any
  • Photocopy of security guard uniform with all sides and logo
  • Registration certificate of PF, ESIC
  • Registration of Labour Act and Shops & Establishment Act

Process for a PSARA license in Ahmedabad

Collecting and organising the Documents

The first step is to check the entire Document you submit with your application. You must collect, notarise, and submit them in the prescribed format specified in the PSARA.

MOU between agency and training institute.

The next step is to sign the MOU with the training institute to get training for their staff. The training institute must be a government-authorised one.

Police verification report

The police verification is an essential step in filing the NOC; the police verification will be started after filing Form-I with all the agency details to the respective police authority.

Grant of PSARA License

The police authority grants the NOC, which is then submitted to the respective controlling authority. After getting the report, the controlling authority will examine the application and grant the license within 60 days of applying.

Appointment of the Supervisor

According to the PSARA, the supervisor's appointment is mandatory to regulate the work of security guards.

Validity and renewal of PSARA license in Ahmedabad

The PSA which gets the PSARA license is valid for only five years. The renewal can be done after every five years

Penalties for the security agencies that operate without a valid PSARA license

As per the PSAR Act, 2005, If the PSA company does not have the proper license, it may be penalised.

  • A business entity functioning without a valid PSARA License shall be punished with imprisonment up to 1 year and a fine of Rs.25,000/- or both.
  • If the business fails to renew the license before or after its expiry, the punishment will be the same as the new license.
  • If the security guard or supervisor does not use a proper uniform that is not authorised by the Act, they shall be punished with imprisonment, fine, or both.

Corpbiz Support

Corpbiz has mastered providing services for a PSARA licence and has emerged as an undisputed service provider for a PSARA license in Ahmedabad in the security domain/sector. We aim to help private security agencies for getting a PSARA licence to start their business in Ahmedabad.

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