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Overview of IS 17482:2020 Certification

The BIS Bureau of Indian Standard has made two Indian Standards focusing on drinking water: IS 105-00:2012 on Drinking Water- Specification and IS 17482:2020 on Drinking Water Supply Management System- Requirements for Piped Drinking Water Supply.

The world's biggest challenge of the 21st century is potable water, both in terms of management of available water resources and access to drinking water. Honouring the vision of the Indian Government's Jal Jeevan Mission, this Indian Standard IS 17482:2020 has been adopted by the BIS after the draft, which was finalised by the Public Drinking Water Services Sectional Committee has been approved by the Service Sector Divisional Council. Water Supply is a subject to be dealt with by States, and it is the responsibility of the State Government or Urban Local Bodies to plan, design, execute, operate and maintain the water supply system.

This standard, IS 17482:2020, specifies the requirements for the Management System of drinking water supplier or utility and for the assessment of piped drinking water supply services where the water supplier or utility focuses on:

  • The need to demonstrate its ability and performance to provide drinking water consistently and utility service related to same while ensuring compliance with all the statutory and regulatory guidelines, and
  • Aiming at ensuring a continuous supply of piped drinking water at the acceptable limit of IS 10500.

Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System

For obtaining the IS 17482:2020 Certification, it is required to understand the Water Utility or Supplier and its context. The Water Supplier or utility determines relevant external and internal issues, including its resources' sustainability and strategic direction. It also determines such issues that affect the ability of the Organisation to achieve the intended results of its Management System. The water supplier or utility monitors and reviews information about the external and internal issues.

The water supplier or utility must identify the followings:

  • Interested parties that are relevant to the piped drinking water supply service management, including the statutory or regulatory bodies
  • Requirements and feedback of stakeholders relevant to this piped drinking water supply service management system.
  • The mechanism for sustainability of the resources

The water supplier or utility must establish, implement, operate, maintain and continuously improve a Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System, including the necessary process and related interactions per the requirements of IS 17482:2020. The water supplier or utility must ensure the followings:

  • An installed, as well as functional water intake works at the source of water.
  • Transmission of water from intake works to the water treatment plant.
  • Water treatment at the such water treatment plant, safe disposal of residues and adopting appropriate methods or processes
  • Water storage and distribution to the customer at a specified pressure according to the applicable norms or guidelines
  • Establishment of Management Information System (MIS)
  • Needful resources for such processes and their availability
  • Assign responsibilities to those concerned with such processes
  • Address risks and opportunities
  • Evaluation of such processes and implementation of any changes needed to achieve the desired results and efficiency as per the given norms
  • Improvement of Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System

Benefits of IS 17482:2020 Certification

The followings are the benefits of obtaining the IS 17482:2020 Certification:

  • Assurance of competence of water supplier or utility to provide drinking water complying with the drinking water specifications
  • Ensures an installed and functional water intake works at the source of water
  • Ensures the water treatment at the water treatment plant, safe disposal of residues and adoption of appropriate methods or processes
  • Ensures that the water supplier or utilities have established a proper system for water treatment, safe disposal of residues and adoption of appropriate methods or processes
  • Ensures water storage and distribution to the customers at a specified pressure according to the applicable norms or guidelines
  • In case of emergency or disaster, it ensures the plan of action for preparing or restoring the standard services as per the water utility charter.

Pre-requisites for IS 17482:2020 Certification

The prior requirements that need to be there with the water supplier or utility are as follows:


  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Policy
  • Organisational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities


  • Actions to address Risks and Opportunities
  • Objectives for Drinking Water Supplier or Utility
  • Planning of Changes


  • Resources
  • Competence
  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Necessary Papered Information


  • Operational Planning and Control
  • Requirements for Piped Drinking Water and Related Services
  • Changes to Requirements for Drinking Water Quality and Related Services
  • Control of Externally Provided Processes, products and Services
  • Production and Service Requirements
  • Release of Piped Drinking Water and Sampling

Performance of Water Supplier or Utility

  • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review


  • General
  • Non-Conformity and Corrective Actions
  • Continual Improvement

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Necessary Papers Required for IS 17482:2020 Certification

Following are the necessary papers related to the Drinking Water Supply Management System required to obtain IS 17482:2020 Certification:

  • Details of Water Supply System
  • Details of Sources of drinking water
  • Details of water treatment
  • Water supply Mechanism
  • Storage facilities
  • Water distribution details
  • Types of water supply
  • Basic planning principles of Water Supply System
  • Drinking water availability
  • Estimated component of the water supply system
  • Basics on water pumping
  • Pipelines distribution networks
  • Types of pipe material for pipelines for water distribution
  • Types of valves for water flow control and estimation
  • Type of pipe fittings
  • Types of pipes cutting and assembling tools
  • Types of Line and Levelling Instruments for Laying of Pipelines
  • Basics About Laying of Distribution Pipelines
  • Details of Installation of Water Meters
  • Checklist for Quality Check of Basic Construction Materials for Water Supply System such as cement, sand, gravel, stone, bricks, water, steel and pipes.
  • Material and Item Specification and Mode of Measurement
  • Details of Water Quality and Testing
  • Water Treatment Systems details
  • Other required necessary papers

Procedure to obtain IS 17482:2020 Certification

Steps an applicant require to follow while getting IS 17482:2020 Certification from the BIS are as follows:


  • Organisations interested in having a Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System Certificate must ensure that they have the ability to provide service that consistently meets the requirements of customers and the regulatory requirements of IS 17482:2020 standard.
  • Such Organisation must apply in prescribed forms to the BIS, concerned Regional Office along with a requisite fee, Quality Manual and other required information.


  • BIS conducts audits in two stages: Stage I comprises the Adequacy Audit and Preliminary Visit, and Stage II comprises the Initial (Certification) Audit.
  • Stage I Audit BIS examines the Organisation's Quality Manual to verify compliance with relevant standards.
  • BIS Officials visit the premises to know the size, nature, location and site-specific conditions with status and level of implementation of Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System, including the evaluation of internal audit and management review undertaken by the Organisation.
  • Any omission or deviations from the prescribed requirements intimated by BIS is corrected by the applicant and intimated to the BIS to proceed further with the application process.
  • A formal report is submitted to the applicant by the team leader of the Audit team of BIS officials.
  • Stage II Audit->An Audit team of BIS officials conducts the Initial (Certification) Audit to evaluate the implementation, effectiveness, and Organisation's Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System complying with the relevant BIS standards, procedures and activities as stated in the necessary papered management system.
  • The audit team leader conducts a meeting with the management head of the Organisation and all other heads of different departments. This is an open meeting conducted to confirm the audit plan.
  • The audit is carried out as per the audit plan, and the audit team records observations.
  • With the members of the opening meeting, a closing meeting is also conducted by the audit team of BIS.


  • BIS makes a decision related to granting IS 17482:2020 Certification to the applicant based on the evaluation of the audit's findings and conclusion.
  • BIS grants Certifications if it is satisfied with the actions taken by Organisation for its Piped Drinking Water Supply Service Management System.
  • The Certification is granted for three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BIS, meaning Bureau of Indian Standards, is a national standard body which was established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 to provide harmonious development of activities of standardisation, marking and quality certification of goods.

BIS has made the following two Indian Standards:

  • IS 10500:2012 on Drinking Water-Specification
  • IS 17482:2020 on Drinking Water Supply Management System- Requirements for Piped Drinking Water Supply

The primary reason behind making standards related to drinking water is the lack of access to clean drinking water & proper sanitation, which leads to sickness and diseases that often end up in death. In addition to this, the poor quality of water has a negative economic impact around the world.

Any organisation, mainly water suppliers or utilities engaged in providing Piped Drinking Water Supply, can apply with required necessary papers authenticating their name and address.

Water supply and responsibility to plan, design, execute, operate and maintain the water supply system is a subject matter of State Government or Urban Local Bodies.

BIS quality standards for drinking water are not mandatory for civic agencies engaged in supplying drinking water to houses across the country.

As per the guidelines of Jal Jeevan Mission, the IS 10500:2012 was adopted to ensure a safe drinking water supply. States and Union Territories are advised to carry out testing of water sources once a year for chemical & physical parameters and twice a year for bacteriological parameters.

The Jal Jeevan Mission is focusing Government's "Har Ghar Jal" yojna for making provisions of potable tap water supply to every rural household by 2024 in adequate quantity of the specific quality as prescribed by the Government, on a regular and long-term basis.

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