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An Overview of Director Identification Number (DIN)

DIN refers to a unique identification number assigned to the person intending to hold a directorship post in a particular company. DIN is abbreviated for Director Identification number.

The director performs a number of undertakings within the company, starting from optimizing daily operations to authorizing vendors for raw material procurement. Each director in the company is assigned a DIN, an evidentiary proof of his/her directorship.

Underlining the Significance of Director Identification Number

DIN entails an 8-digit unique identification number and it comes with lifetime validity. The information in DIN stays in the database of the concerned authority and is subject to changes as and when required.

DIN is allotted on an individual basis i.e. no two directors can have a single DIN or vice versa.

Once gets issued, the DIN will continue to stay in effect as long as the DIN holders serve the corporate regime. Even if the director opts to serve an additional firm or joins a new organization, he/she does not need to apply for a separate or new DIN.

Situations where the use of DIN is mandatory

The company’s director is required to quote the DIN in the following scenarios:

  • While filing the return on the company’s behalf
  • When filing an e-form with any government authority
  • When sharing the company’s details with a concerned authority

Different Forms for Applying Director Identification Number in India

DIN is availed in different scenarios such as the incorporation of a new company, appointment of a new director, etc. All such events require a company to file different types of forms as shown below:

SPICe+ Form

SPICe+ is a consolidated application that provides a slew of services including name reservation and allotment of DIN. Since it is an incorporation form, separate filing for DIN through the same is impossible. The form will let your secure DIN along with the incorporation certification.

DIR-3 Form

DIR-3 Form is usually filed for a person intending to hold the position of directorship in a particular organization.

DIR-6 Form

Whenever any changes occur in the director’s details, the same has to be shared with the authority via this form.

All these forms are available online on the official portal of the Ministry of Corporates Affairs. The applicant filling these forms needs to enclose the electronic signature of the authorized signatory and upload the same on the MCA portal.

What Documents are required to apply for DIN?

Documents play a vital role in DIN facilitation. The listed below are the different types of Documents that correspond to different form types used in different scenarios.

For the SPICe+ Form

If you want to secure incorporation certification and DIN via the SPICe+ form, upload the necessary papers such as the director’s identity and address proof.

For Form DIR-3

1. Attachments:

  • Photograph
  • Identity evidence
  • Proof concerning the resident
  • Verification (Name, father’s name, existing address, DOB, text of declaration, and applicant’s signature)
  • In the case of an overseas person, submit their passport as identity proof.

2. Documents requiring authentication and signature of CA or CS or CMA:

Photographs, identity evidence, and address proof must have the signature and seal of the practicing CA or CS, or CMA.

In the case of an overseas person, their Documents should enclose the seal and signature of the Consulate of the Indian Embassy as well as Foreign Public Notary.

For Form DIR-6

For changing any particular cited in the DIR-3 form concerning the Directors, Form DIR-6 must be filed with the MCA. With the form, the attested mandatory paperwork must be submitted.

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What is the procedure for the DIN Number Allotment?

The Procedure of DIN number allotment is not as convoluted as it seems. Applicant must first read Rule 9 of the Companies Rules 2014 and Section 153 of the Companies Act, 2013. Both these Acts entail norms concerning the DIN number allotment. The given procedure will let you apply for the DIN.

  1. Head to the MCA portal.
  2. Explain the MCA Service located in the Home page’s menu.
  3. On the next window, find the e-filing section and select ‘Company Forms Download’
  4. Locate the DIR-3 form on the next window and download the same
  5. Fill out the downloaded form and upload the required paperwork as given below:
  • Latest Photograph
  • Government certified Identity evidence
  • Residence evidence
  • Specimen signature duly verified
  1. Enclose the electronic signature via Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  2. Digitally verified the above Documents by the company’s top officials like Director or CS
  3. Submit the form along with the applicable fee.

What happens after the application is received by the authority?

The licensing authority MC processes the received Form DIR-3 for accuracy. MCA usually pays attention to the following when considering DIN allotment to an applicant:

  • Rule 10 of the Companies Rules 2014 (Appointment and Qualification of Director)
  • Section 154 of the Companies Act, 2013

If the application has any non-conformity w.r.t the above rules, the authority shall reject the application and inform the applicant via registered email.

Central Government Communicates the Allotted DIN of the applicant within one month. That’s how the DIN is allotted to an individual.

What if the Application for DIN Allotment is Rejected?

If the Application form confronts rejection owing due to some errors, the authority will render the 15 days time slot to fix the issue. Within this time frame, the applicant must file the new form by enclosing the correct details and attachments. Failing to do so can compel the authority to reject the application and forfeit the fee.

What is the role of the DIR-6 Form and how to file it?

Wherever there is a need to alter the DIR-3 details, the applicant must prompt the concerned authority by filing the DIR-6 form. The steps below let you do the same with ease.

  1. Head over to the MCA portal and explore the services section
  2. Download the DIR 6 form and fill out the same with legit details
  3. Enclose the electronic signature with the help of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  4. Let the practicing CA or CS vet the form and verify it
  5. Submit the form as per the portal’s instructions.

Notable Provisions concerning the Director Identification Number

Within one month of DIN's availament, the director must intimate the authority to reveal details about the company. Likewise, the company is also responsible for intimating the RoC about the DIN within 15 days of its availment.

Any non-conformity in this regard will lead the defaulting company to confront underlying penalties.

What leads to the cancellation of DIN?

The following are the reasons that lead to the cancellation of DIN:

Issuance of the duplicate DIN

  • The applicant fails to abide by underlying norms for securing the DIN
  • The demise of the DIN holder/applicant
  • The person is of not stable mind and the same has been declared by the court
  • The person in question is insolvent

Norms concerning the surrender of DIN

The director can use form DIR-5 to surrender the DIN. The said application will go along with the declaration confirming that a person has never been hired as a director and that the DIN in question is yet to be used for filing any Documents.

Upon receiving the e-form, the authority shall vet the same for error and accordingly invalidate the DIN for further use.

What is the difference between DIN and DSC?

DIN is abbreviated for the Director Identification Number and it is allotted to the person intending to hold the directorship position in a specific company. It is granted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

On the contrary, the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) enables the officials to digitally signed the specified Documents. The directors typically use a Class 3 DSC for e-signing the Documents. DSC is highly secured and helps ease the hassle of validating countless paperwork.

How can I locate my DIN number via the company’s details?

Use the given steps to check the  DIN number on the official portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

  • Head to the official portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • On the home page, navigate to the MCA services
  • Click on the option namely Master Data followed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs:
  • Click on the search icon resides nearby the Company name
  • Type in the company name to find the Company Identification Number
  • Input the CIN and clear the Captcha verification
  • The portal shall display the DIN on the computer screen

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Corpbiz is a one-stop avenue for companies intending to get registered under a particular legislation. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in incorporation legalities and paperwork. We can help our clients secure DIN in an expeditious manner with zero legal hindrances. Licensing complications would cease to exist when you decide to get on board with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

DIN stands for the Director Identification Number, which refers to a unique number allotted by the MCA to the new director of the company.

First of all head to the MCA portal and explore the MCA services. Thereafter, explore DIN Services>Enquire DIN>DIN status.

If the MCA portal prompts the DIN status as approved then it is safe to assume that DIN is active.

Sections 266A to 266G of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006 have introduced the notion of DIN for the Directors.

Any company intending to appoint a person as a director must secure DIN prior to such an appointment.

Technically, DIN comes with lifetime validity. However, each DIN holder has to undergo a DIR-KYC every FY to keep his/her DIN valid.

The current application fee has been capped at Rs 500 for the DIN application.

Yes, PAN serves as a compulsory annexure to the DIN application. But that is not the case with applicants from abroad.

30th April of every Financial Year is the due date for DIN KYC. It is a mandatory requirement and hence every director must abide by it.

Failing to complete DIN KYC can lead to the deactivation of DIN.

No, provisional DIN offers no such privileges to the Director.

The prevailing legislation doesn’t offer such privileges to the directors.

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