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UP BOCW Registration

UP BOCW aims to improve the standard of living of the workers involved in Building & other Constructions Works in UP by enhancing the quality of their work and providing financial help under different schemes for their benefit. Corpbiz will help you in obtaining UP BOCW Registration.

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An Overview of UP BOCW Registration

BOCW stands for Building & Other Construction Workers and this was introduced to monitor the working conditions of the workers. In UP, many workers, whether skilled or unskilled, are involved in the construction sector. The construction industry in UP is highly labour intensive, and most of the workers are unorganised, unskilled, and usually working in depressed and insensitive conditions. So to address these inhumane working conditions, poor facilities, poor health, and ill-treatment in the construction sector, it is necessary to apply for UP BOCW Registration under BOCW Act, 1996.

Purpose of UP BOCW

  1. The primary purpose of UP BOCW is to ensure that workers in the construction sector are not being exploited and a healthy & safe working environment is provided to them;
  2. It is made compulsory by the Indian Government for every State Government to constitute their BOCW Boards;
  3. Each building labourer in UP who is between the age of 18 & 60 and has been involved with any building or other development work for at the last 90 days during the previous years is qualified for UP BOCW Registration as a recipient of the BOCW Welfare Fund under BOCW Act;
  4. Workers in UP can apply for UP BOCW Registration in the form along with the vital documents and prescribed fee, which is not more than Rs. 50/-;
  5. The functions of BOCW include providing speedy help to the workers in case of any accident or misfortune, providing pensions, issuing loans for house construction, making payments concerning premia for Group Insurance Scheme, providing financial help for children's education, supporting workers by carrying their medical expenses in case of a major ailment.

Benefits of UP BOCW under the BOCW Act

Following is a list of benefits of UP BOCW that will be provided to the workers along with their families in case of emergency to help them by providing sufficient help:

  • Pension payment;
  • Accident Assistance Scheme;
  • National Health Insurance Scheme;
  • Provide medical expenses for major disorders, etc.;
  • Giving financial support for the children’s education;
  • Maternity Benefits,
  • Grant for the purchase of work-related tools and so on.

There are also some other benefits of UP BOCW given to the first two children as follows:

  • Maternity benefit payable only in case of female delivery;
  • Benefit if BalikaMadadYojana Benefit is payable if a girl is the first child;
  • Excess benefit if the second child is also a girl or even adopted girl child;
  • In case of abortion, 6 weeks salary has to pay to the worker;
  • In case of partial disability, Rs. 2 lakhs has to pay to the worker;
  • In case of accidental death, the unregistered worker gets Rs. 50,000/-;
  • In case of permanent disability due to workplace Rs. 3 lakhs may be paid to the worker.

Criteria for Obtaining UP BOCW Registration under Act

Every employer who hires 50 or more than 50 workers in any building or other construction work in UP has to obtain the UP BOCW Registration Certificate within 60 days from the date of commencement.

Registration of Building Workers as Beneficiaries

  • A building worker whose age is 18 years or above but less than 60 years of age and who has been involved in any building or other construction work for not less than 90- days during the preceding 12 months shall be eligible for Registration as a Beneficiary under the BOCW Act;
  • An application for BOCW registration shall be made in such a form, as may be prescribed, to the officer certified by the Board on their behalf;
  • Every application for the registration under sub-section (2) shall be accompanied by such documents together with such fee not exceeding Rs. 50 as prescribed;
  • If the officer certified by the Board under sub-section (2) is satisfied that the applicant has fulfilled the provisions of this Act and Rules made thereunder, he or she shall register the worker's name as a beneficiary under the Act: provided that an application for registration shall not be rejected without giving an opportunity to the applicant of being heard;
  • Any individual or person aggrieved by the decision under sub-section (4), within 30 days from the date of such decision, prefers an appeal to the Secretary of the Board or any other officer specified by the Board on their behalf and the Secretary's decision or such other officer on such appeal shall be final; provided that the Secretary or any other officer specified by the Board by their behalf may entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period of 30 days if he/she is satisfied that the building work was prevented by enough cause from filing the appeal in time;
  • The Secretary of the Board shall maintain such registers as prescribed.

Documents Required for UP BOCW

Following are some vital documents required for UP BOCW:

  1. Residence proof;
  2. Age proof, if not available, then self-declaration;
  3. Aadhar Card;
  4. Details of Bank Account (Bank branch, Account no. and IFSC or RTGS Number);
  5. Details of dependents & employer’s certificate of working for 90 days as construction worker & nomination form.

Procedure for UP BOCW

Step 1: Employer in UP who wants to get BOCW Registration in UP needs to create a login id using a valid email id. Once the login id is created, the password details will be sent to the user's registered email id and mobile number.

Step 2: Once you create the login id, you need to file Basic Information Performa in which all details and the establishment like address of the organisation, details of employer or occupier, organisation address, worker details, construction details and declaration are required.

Step 3: All documents in the prescribed format & size to attach to the application form.

Step 4: Once you submit the application form and documents, then you need to pay the prescribed fees.

Step 5: If all the documents & application form is as per the desired norms & guidelines, the BOCW Registration Certificate is issued.


Corpbiz helps you with the application process and the preparation of documents could leave any applicant baffled and overwhelmed. Corpbiz can help you lessen those conditions by providing unmatched support.

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