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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Lucknow

Lucknow is the eleventh most populous city in India. Lucknow is a historically significant city that flourished as a multicultural city. With its commercial, banking and legal infrastructure, Lucknow is witnessing rapid growth in information technology (IT), banking, retailing, construction and other service sectors. Lucknow is a populated and rapidly developing city with a lot of workforce. It is a fast-growing hub of new opportunities and business avenues. Lucknow is the best place to start your business or a company. When it comes to business, whether new or existing, trademark registration plays an important role in protecting your brand identity.

Getting a trademark registration would help a business entity use certain logs or even words that represent the business and the products or services of the business. This will also help in marking the products and services they offer as unique compared to the competitors or the rivals.

Advantages of getting a Trademark registration in Lucknow

  • When a business or any individual registers their trademark, it gives them legal protection avoiding any illegal use or imitation of their trademark, and the business uses it for distinguishing their product or services from that of the rivals and competitors.
  • The trademark registration will make it exclusive and stamped in the owner's name, making the same valid for 10 years and non-usable by any other entities until its expiry.
  • When brand recognition is created for the product or service, it is directly connected with the company and its name. This makes the brand strong, which acts as a unique identifier and attracts more consumers from the market
  • When a company registers the trademark, it automatically creates an intangible asset in the name of the company. This will help build brand credibility and, thereby, more business and a loyal customer base.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Lucknow

Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment

  • Filing an online application can be done by government-registered agencies
  • Required Documents should be attached while applying
  • Details of products and their business type
  • Any person or company are eligible to apply

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Documents required for Trademark registration in Lucknow

  • Certificate of Registration of the entity
  • Scanned copy of the address proof of the applicant
  • Logo/symbol (If already designed by the applicant)
  • Proof of identity of the applicant
  • Proof of TM use (if required)
  • DIPP certificate/ MSME certificate

Process for trademark registration in Lucknow

  • Search for the chosen trademark in the intellectual property websites with different combinations to avoid duplication. After that, the trademark Attorney shall prepare the application, and Form 48 and TM-1 shall be used.
  • After filing, the government processing starts, and the status of the processing of the submitted application should be checked periodically.
  • On submitting this application for trademark registration, the trademark registrar will provide an allotment number where the applicant can use TM on their logo. And if the applicant receives any rejection or objection, a reply shall be filed from receipt of such rejection.
  • The trademark examiner checks the reply for his satisfaction and whether it complies with the Trademark Act. Then the brand is published in the trademark journal.
  • Finally, the trademark registrar issues a trademark.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Lucknow

Trademark Registration is Valid for ten years and renewable every ten years after expiry by paying a fee.

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At Corpbiz, our experienced legal advisor's team understands the client's requirements and processes the application based on the details gathered from the client. Our help desk is available 24x7 to address the client queries and successfully track the trademark registration till its completion. We also assist the business with their comprehensive legal solution if requested.

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