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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Indore

Indore is a populous and the largest city in Madhya Pradesh (MP). It is the first city to have campuses of the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management. The city is also slowly becoming a preferred destination for travellers across the county. Besides its rich history, the city is also encountering rapid industrialization. Indore is known for its cotton handloom industry, magnificent palaces, temples, street food, night markets, and more. It is catching up with the recent development of start-ups and can be regarded as one of the prospectus tier-II cities. One important aspect to remember when talking about businesses and start-ups in the city is trademark registration. It is essential to register the trademark of your new or existing business.

A trademark is a symbol or sign capable of differentiating the goods and services of one business from another. It can be a phrase, word, numeral, symbol, tagline or any combination thereof. It is protected under the Trademark Act 1999 and gives the business the unique right to sue against the infringer.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Indore

  • When a trademark is registered, it is designated as intellectual property, which means it is protected against infringement, and the misuse of the trademark can be forbidden.
  • Trademarks are unique to the goods or services they represent. A trademark will allow you to distinguish your goods from others. Furthermore, because trademark registration is applicable for the entire class of goods, it will aid in distinguishing your items.
  • Trademarks are intellectual property that has a monetary worth in relation to the products they represent and also serves as an intangible asset.
  • Trademarks registered with your products increase your company's total value, goodwill, and net worth.
  • A trademark provides a link between a consumer and its products. You can build your effective consumer base.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Indore

Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment

  • The mark chosen to represent the product should have a unique identity.
  • The existing trademark can be renewed for any change in the symbol
  • The mark should fit the goods and services offered
  • Any foreign entity or Indian national can apply for the mark.

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Documents required for trademark registration in Indore

  • Proof of the owner (PAN card, Passport)
  • Applicant’s signature in Power of Attorney
  • A word or mark (If you already have one)
  • Business description and type (Company registration certificate, Board members resolution)
  • Form 48 and Form TM 21
  • Udyog Aadhar registration, if it is a company

Process for trademark registration in Indore

  • A trademark draft should be prepared before applying.
  • Search the trademark name without duplication within the 45 classes of trademarks under which the goods or services may fall.
  • After selecting the trademark without duplication, the next step is to apply the mark with all the relevant records in the trademark online portal.
  • After submission of the application, the government examiner will go through the application with all the necessary criteria and check the availability of the trademark.
  • If no objection is found or the reply given by the applicant is satisfied by the registrar, the government issues a registered trademark.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Indore

After successful registration, the validity of the trademark is up to 10 years and can be renewed after expiry based on the business requirements.

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