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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and a part of Delhi NCR. It is one of the fast-growing industrial cities. The city is developing as one of India's most significant automobile and IT hubs. So to compete with other businesses in the city, trademark registration is essential for any business to establish its uniqueness in Ghaziabad. Thus, having a registered trademark is always advisable.

The trademark can be the company's logo or the brand name of goods and services. The primary purpose is to identify the goods or services and describe their qualities. In other words, trademarks distinguish one company's products from others on the market.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Ghaziabad

  • Trademarks are the basis for a business’s brand and reputation. They create a relationship of trust with customers, which enables a business to establish good relations with the customers and enhance the company’s goodwill.
  • Trademark registration allows consumers to make their purchasing decisions. They capture the customer's attention and make products stand out.
  • Trademark registration allows consumers to choose your brand by using the symbol "®" after your trademark, which indicates your mark is federally registered, adding to your company's prestige.
  • The consumer recognizes the established brand or services through their trademark.
  • Registration of a brand name provides exclusive rights to the owner to prevent third parties from marketing identical or similar products or services.
  • A registered trademark can last ten years and be renewed based on business needs.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Ghaziabad

Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment

  • The chosen trademark used to identify the products should be capable of representing graphically.
  • Should avoid duplication while selecting the trademark
  • The brand name should match the goods or services
  • Any LLP/NGO can apply for the mark.

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Documents required for trademark registration in Ghaziabad

  • Name and contact number of the applicant
  • Address and business proof of the directors(driving license, election Id)
  • Brand or tagline, if any
  • If the applicant is a business entity or NGO, then describe its purpose and type
  • POA signed by a director
  • constitution of the business proof (MOA & AOA)

Process for trademark registration in Ghaziabad

  • The trademark registration process in Ghaziabad starts after drafting the application.
  • Select a unique trademark that avoids similarity. So choose a unique mark that represents the goods or services.
  • Once the trademark is selected, the trademark examiner will confirm whether the mark already exists in the registered trademark in Ghaziabad.
  • After the examination report, if the government accepts the application, then the trademark will be provided within four to five months. Suppose the examiner application rejected the application, the applicant must file the reply.
  • If the reply satisfies the examining authority, then the authority issues a registered trademark.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Ghaziabad

Once the registration is completed, the validity of the trademark starts immediately after the registration, extending up to 10 years. The business can make a renewal within six months before the expiry of the trademark as per the business's needs

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At Corpbiz, we have talented and expert persons who can handle trademark registration effectively. You can get support and help from the subject matter experts to register your brand by contacting us. Our group of legal professionals will help you with the filing and litigation of trademark services. Our firm also deals with various services related to taxation, Copyright, and GST registration as per the company’s requirements.

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