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Overview of Trademark Class 6

Trademark Class 6 mainly includes common metals and their alloys, metals; materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cable and wires of common metal; Small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport.

Concept of trademark classes

Trademark Classification aids for easy registration of all trademarks and service marks in numerous fields under the National and International Trademark Offices all over the world. Goods and services have been by the International Classification of Goods and Services into 45 Classes of Trademark –

  • 1 to 34 cover goods
  • 35 to 45 cover service

This classification isused by the Indian Trademark Registry to categorize the trademark

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Trademark Class 6 - Metal Goods and Hardware Items

Trademark Class 6 consists of Metal Goods and Hardware Goods, those are as follows:-

  • Soldering and Welding Materials
  • Transportable buildingsor structures of metal;
  • Specific goods are made of common metals, for example, all-purpose boxes of common metal, statues, busts, and works of art of common metal.
  • Pipes, Tubes, Hoses, and Fittings of Metals
  • Nuts, Bolts, Chains, Locks, and Fasteners
  • Non-Electric Cables and Wires of Metals
  • Molds of Metals
  • Metals in foil or powder form for processing, e.g., the powder used in 3D printers;
  • Metal Statues or Work of Art
  • Metal Ores and Compounds
  • Metal Containers
  • Metal building materials; e.g., elements of metal for railway tracks, pipes, and tubes of metal;
  • Ladders and Scaffoldings
  • Items of Ironmongery and Metal Hardware
  • Gates, Doors, and Windows of Metals
  • Dispenser made of Metal
  • Common Metals and Alloys
  • Armor Plating

Trademark Class 6 does not Include

  • Cages for household pets -Class 21
  • Certain goods made of common minerals that areclassified according to their function or purpose; e.g., hand tool - Class 8, paper clips - Class 16;
  • Electric cables Class 9 and non-electric wires and ropes, not of metal - Class 22;
  • Flexible pipes, tubes, and hoses, not made of metal - Class 17and rigid pipes, not of metal - Class 19;
  • Furniture - Class 20, kitchen utensils - Class 21, household containers - Class 21.
  • Metals or ores used as chemicals in industry or scientific research for their chemical properties; e.g., bauxite, mercury, antimony, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals - Class 1;
  • Metals in foil or powder form used in painting, decoration, printing or art - Class 2;
  • Sanitary installations pipes - Class 11.

Coordinated Class with Trademark class 6

In case if the trademark that you have selected relates only - partly to any of the goods or products, then the following coordinated classes should be stated while filing for Trademark Registration. The most expected coordinated classes to Trademark Class 6 are as follows-


List of Goods Included in Trademark Class 6

  • Rod Of Metal For Brazing And Welding
  • Rod Of Metal For Brazing
  • Rocket Launching Platforms Of Metal
  • Rivets Of Metal
  • Rings Of Common Metal For Keys
  • Ring Of Metal / Stop Collars Of Metal
  • Reinforcing Materials, Of Metal, For Concrete
  • Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Pipes
  • Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Machine Belts
  • Reinforcing Materials Of Metal For Building
  • Registration Plates Of Metal / Numberplates Of Metal
  • Refractory Construction Materials Of Metal
  • Reels Of Metal, Non-Mechanical, For Flexible Hoses
  • Railway Sleepers Of Metal or Railroad Ties Of Metal
  • Railway Points / Railway Switches
  • Railway Material Of Metal
  • Rails Of Metal
  • Pyrophoric Metals
  • Pulleys Of Metal, Other Than For Machines
  • Props Of Metal products
  • Preserving Boxes Of Metal
  • Prefabricated Houses [Kits] Of Metal
  • Pot Hooks Of Metal
  • Posts Of Metal For Power Lines orPoles Of Metal For Power Lines
  • Posts Of Metal
  • Porches Of Metal [Building]
  • Poles Of Metal
  • Plugs Of Metal / Bungs Of Metal
  • Platforms, Prefabricated, Of Metal
  • Pitons Of Metal
  • Pipework Of Metal
  • Pipe Muffs Of Metal
  • Pins [Hardware]
  • Pillars Of Metal For Buildings
  • Pigsties Of Metal
  • Penstock Pipes Of Metal
  • Pegs Of Metal
  • Paving Slabs Of Metal
  • Paving Blocks Of Metal
  • Partitions Of Metal
  • Palings Of Metal products
  • Paint Spraying Booths Of Metal or Booths Of Metal For Spraying Paint
  • Padlocks
  • Packaging Containers Of Metal
  • Outdoor Blinds Of Metal
  • Ores Of Metal
  • Nuts Of Metal
  • Nozzles Of Metal
  • Niobium
  • Nickel-Silver
  • Nickel
  • Nails
  • Mooring Buoys Of Metal
  • Mooring Bollards Of Metal
  • Monuments Of Metal For Tombs
  • Monuments Of Metal
  • Molybdenum Iron
  • Molybdenum
  • Moldings Of Metal For Cornices or Moldings Of Metal For Cornices
  • Mobile Boarding Stairs Of Metal For Passengers
  • Metals In Powder Form*
  • Metal Cages For Wild Animals
  • Memorial Plates Of Metal or Memorial Plaques Of Metal Products
  • Materials Of Metal For Funicular Railway
  • Masts Of Metal
  • Manifolds Of Metal For Pipelines
  • Manhole Covers Of Metal
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Machine Belt Fasteners Of Metal
  • Locks Of Metal, Other Than Electric
  • Locks Of Metal For Vehicles
  • Locks Of Metal For Bags
  • Lock Bolts
  • Loading Pallets Of Metal
  • Loading Gauge Of Metal rods For Railway Waggons
  • Lintels Of Metal sheets
  • Linings Of Metal [Building] orCladding Of Metal For Construction And Building
  • Limonite
  • Letters And Numerals Of Common Metal
  • Letter Boxes Of Metal
  • Lead, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Lead Seals
  • Latticework Of Metal / Trellis Of Metal
  • Late Of Metal
  • Latches Of Metal
  • Latch Bars Of Metal
  • Ladders Of Metal
  • Knobs Of Metal
  • Knife Handles Of Metal
  • Keys
  • Junctions Of Metal For Pipes
  • Joists Of Metal
  • Jets Of Metal
  • Jalousies Of Metal
  • Ironwork For Windows
  • Ironwork For Doors
  • Ironmongery* / Hardware* Of Metal, Small
  • Iron, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Iron Wire
  • Iron Strip / Hoop Iron
  • Iron Slabs
  • Iron Ores
  • Insect Screens Of Metal
  • Ingots Of Common Metal
  • Indium
  • Identity Plates Of Metal
  • Identification Bracelets Of Metal
  • Ice Moulds Of Metal
  • House Numbers Of Metal, Non-Luminous
  • Horseshoe Nails
  • Hoppers Of Metal, Non-Mechanical
  • Hooks Of Metal For Clothes Rails
  • Hooks For Slate [Metal Hardware]
  • Hooks [Metal Hardware]
  • Hinges Of Metal
  • Handling Pallets Of Metal
  • Handcuffs
  • Gutter Pipes Of Metal
  • Guard Rails Of Metal
  • Greenhouses Of Metal, Transportable
  • Greenhouse Frames Of Metal
  • Grease Nipples
  • Grave Slabs Of Metal or Tomb Slabs Of Metal
  • Gratings Of Metal / Grilles Of Metal
  • Gold Solder
  • Girders Of Metal
  • Germanium
  • German Silver
  • Gates Of Metal
  • Galena [Ore]
  • Furniture Casters Of Metal
  • Furnace Fireguards Of Metal
  • Framework Of Metal For Building
  • Frames Of Metal For Building
  • Foundry Molds [Moulds] Of Metal
  • Foils Of Metal For Wrapping And Packaging
  • Floors Of Metal
  • Floor Tiles Of Metal
  • Floating Docks Of Metal, For Mooring Boats
  • Floating Containers Of Metal
  • Flashing Of Metal, For Building
  • Flanges Of Metal [Collars]
  • Fittings Of Metal For Windows
  • Fittings Of Metal For Furniture
  • Fittings Of Metal For Compressed Air Ducts
  • Fittings Of Metal For Coffins
  • Fittings Of Metal For Building
  • Fittings Of Metal For Beds
  • Fish Plates [Rails]
  • Firedogs [Andirons]
  • Filings Of Metal Products
  • Figurines [Statuettes] Of Common Metal orStatuettes Of Common Metal
  • Ferrules Of Metal For Walking Sticks
  • Ferrules Of Metal For Handles
  • Ferrules Of Metal
  • Fences Of Metal
  • Eye Bolts / Screw Rings
  • Enclosures Of Metal For Tombs
  • Elbows Of Metal For Pipes
  • Ducts Of Metal, For Central Heating Installations or Ducts And Pipes Of Metal For Central Heating Installations or Pipes Of Metal, For Central Heating Installations
  • Ducts Of Metal For Ventilationor Air Conditioning Installations
  • Duckboards Of Metal
  • Drain Traps [Valves] Of Metal
  • Drain Pipes Of Metal
  • Doors Of Metal
  • Door Stops Of Metal or Gate Stops Of Metal
  • Door Scrapers / Foot Scrapers
  • Door Panels Of Metal
  • Door Openers, Non-Electric
  • Door Knockers Of Metal
  • Door Handles Of Metal
  • Door Frames Of Metal or Door Casings Of Metal
  • Door Fittings Of Metal
  • Door Closers, Non-Electric / Door Springs, Non-Electric
  • Door Bolts Of Metal
  • Door Bells Of Metal, Non-Electric
  • Diving Boards Of Metal
  • Crash Barriers Of Metal For Roads
  • Cramps Of Metal [Crampons] or Crampons Of Metal [Cramps]
  • Crampons [Climbing Irons]
  • Couplings Of Metal For Chains
  • Cotter Pins Of Metal
  • Cornices Of Metal
  • Copper, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Copper Wire, Not Insulated
  • Copper Rings
  • Containers Of Metal For Storing Acids
  • Containers Of Metal For Liquid Fuel
  • Containers Of Metal For Flattened Gas Or Liquid Air
  • Containers Of Metal [Storage, Transport]
  • Common Metals, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Collars Of Metal For Fastening Pipes
  • Cobalt, Raw
  • Clothes Hooks Of Metal
  • Closures Of Metal For Containers
  • Clips Of Metal For Cables And Pipes
  • Chromium
  • Chrome Ores
  • Chrome Iron
  • Chimneys Of Metal
  • Chimney Shafts Of Metal
  • Chimney Pots Of Metal
  • Chimney Cowls Of Metal
  • Chill-Moulds [Foundry] / Chill-Molds [Foundry]
  • Chicken-Houses Of Metal
  • Chests Of Metal For Food or Meat Safes Of Metal
  • Chests Of Metal / Bins Of Metal
  • Chains Of Metal
  • Cermets
  • Ceilings Of Metal
  • Cattle Chains
  • Cast Steel
  • Cast Iron, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Cask Stands Of Metal
  • Casings Of Metal For Oilwells
  • Cashboxes Of Metal
  • Cases Of Metal
  • Casement Windows Of Metal
  • Calcium [Hafnium] / Hafnium [Celtium]
  • Cadmium
  • Cables Of Metal, Non-Electric
  • Cable Joints Of Metal, Non-Electric or Cable Linkages Of Metal, Non-Electric
  • Cabanas Of Metal
  • Busts Of Common Metal
  • Buildings, Transportable, Of Metal
  • Buildings Of Metal
  • Building Or Furniture Fittings Of Nickel-Silver
  • Building Materials Of Metal
  • Building Boards Of Metal or Building Panels Of Metal
  • Buckles Of Common Metal [Hardware]
  • Broom Handles Of Metal
  • Bronzes For Tombstones or Monuments Of Bronze For Tombs
  • Bronzes [Works Of Art]
  • Bronze
  • Brazing Alloys
  • Brass, Unwrought Or Semi-Wrought
  • Branching Pipes Of Metal
  • Brackets Of Metal For Building
  • Braces Of Metal For Handling Loads / Harness Of Metal For Load Handling
  • Boxes Of Common Metal
  • Box Fasteners Of Metal
  • Bottles of Metal ContainersFor Compressed Gas Or Liquid Air
  • Bottle Closures Of Metal
  • Bottle Caps Of Metal
  • Bolts, Flat
  • Bolts Of Metal
  • Blooms [Metallurgy]
  • Bird Baths [Structures Of Metal]
  • Bindings Of Metal
  • Binding Thread Of Metal For Agricultural Purposes
  • Binding Screws Of Metal For Cables
  • Bicycle Parking Installations Of Metal
  • Beryllium [Glucinium] / Glucinium [Beryllium]
  • Belt Stretchers Of Metal
  • Bells For Animals
  • Bells
  • Bed Casters Of Metal
  • Beak-Irons [Bick-Irons]
  • Beacons Of Metal, Non-Luminous
  • Bathtub Grab Bars Of Metal
  • Baskets Of Metal
  • Bars For Metal Railings
  • Barrels Of Metal
  • Barrel Hoops Of Metal
  • Barbed Wire
  • Bands Of Metal For Tying-Up Purposes or Wrapping Or Binding Bands Of Metal
  • Balls Of Steel
  • Badges Of Metal For Vehicles
  • Aviaries Of Metal [Structures]
  • Armour-Plating / Armor-Plating
  • Armoured Doors Of Metal
  • Arbours [Structures Of Metal]
  • Anvils [Portable]
  • Anvils
  • Anti-Friction Metal
  • Angle Irons
  • Anchors
  • Anchor Plates / Tie Plates
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Aluminium
  • Alloys Of Common Metal
  • Advertisement Columns Of Metal

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Class 6 mainly includes common metals and their alloys, metals; materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cable and wires of common metal; Small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport.

There are 800 products under Class 6 of trademark.

There are other “coordinated” classes to consider. They are

  • Class 11 — Appliances
  • Class 17 — Rubber Products
  • Class 19 — Building Materials
  • Class 20 — Furniture
  • Class 35 — Advertising and Business Services
  • Class 37 — Construction and Repair Services
  • Class 40 — Material Treatment Services
  • Class 42 — Science and Technology Services

The types of goods that does not come under Trademark Class 6 are-

  • Bauxite;
  • Mercury, antimony, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals;
  • Metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists.

There is a total of 45 classes dealing with different various different products. Class 1-34 consists goods and Class 35-45 consists of services.

No, there is no difference in the procedure of registering any class of the trademarks for goods or services.

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