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Overview of Trademark Class 5

The NICE Classification was recognized in 1957 by NICE Agreement and it bifurcates trademarks into 45 different classes of Goods and Services, Classes 1-34 for Goods and Classes 35-45 for Services. The purpose of these taxonomies is to allow users to seek to trademark of goods or services into classes most appropriate to their type of business.

What does Trademark Class 5 includes?

A Trademark Class 5 includes trademarks which relate to pharmaceuticals and other items and preparations for either veterinary or medical purpose, dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for human beings and animals; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; plasters, materials for dressings; disinfectants; fungicides, herbicides; preparations for destroying vermin.

Coordinated classes for Trademark Class 5

Trademark Class 5 relates mainly to pharmaceuticals and medical or veterinary items and preparation. There are some rules to consider when registering for a Trademark Class 5. This is just because there are some illustrations when a Trademark Class 5 is not used. After all, another class is more appropriate. You can consider the following examples:

  • Supportive bandages - Class 10
  • Sanitary preparation used for toiletries - Class 3
  • Medical supplies - Class 10
  • Deodorant for animals or human beings - Class 3
  • Cleaning substances - Class 3

What are the Advantages of Registration for Trademark class 5?

Trademark Registration of class 5 helps the public at large to distinguish the goods and services of a particular company related to medical supplies. The selected trademark should be easy to understand and maintain so that the public is not confused with the trademark of some other party. There are various benefits of registering a trademark class 5 and some of them are explained below-

Legal protection

After registration of a particular trademark it provides the owner with protection right of their trademark i.e., their trademark cannot be infringed. It provides an exclusive right to the user of trademark, and the owner also has the right to sue the person who tries to use that particular trademark. Similarly, if any person tries to register an already registered trademark then the trademark registry objects the same. Relief can be provided in case of illegitimate use of any registered trademark.

Product differentiation

Trademark registration differentiates your product from another company as it creates a distinct recognition for any particular product. The product whose trademark has been registered can be easily identified and accessible by the general public.

Creation of an asset

Trademark is observed as an intangible asset for any business enterprise. They are intellectual property and can be sold, franchised or can be commercially exploited in any way and also provides benefits for the owner.

Brand recognition

Any customer can easily identify a product with the name or the symbol that is associated with the trademark. Trademark Registration ties the product’s image with the brand name and creates a goodwill for your product as well as company. It forms trust in the minds of the existing customers and attracts new customers as well.

These are some of the important benefits of trademark registration. Other than these there are several other more benefits such as exclusive rights, exclusive identification, business expansion, global permits, etc.

What are the Documents required for registration of trademark class 5?

The following are the Documents required for registering a trademark:-

  • The proof of the Applicant that is the basic details such as name, address, company etc.
  • The trademark logo including the brand name that is to be registered.
  • The product that is the goods or services which are to be registered.
  • Proof of the use of the trademark
  • An affidavit specifying the date from which the trademark was brought into use.
  • Signed form TM-48, that gives the power of attorney.

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International and National Registration for Trademark Class 5

Trademark Class 5 covers the fields based on international and national registration:-

  • Absorbent articles for personal hygiene
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants
  • Cigarettes less tobacco, medically necessary
  • Dental preparations and articles
  • Deodorants for human beings or animals
  • Deodorizers and air-purifiers
  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Dietetic preparations and dietary supplements
  • Food for babies
  • Fungicides and herbicides
  • Medical plasters, dressings, coverings, and applicators
  • Pest control preparations and products
  • Sanitary and hygienic preparations
  • Sanitary preparations for personal hygiene
  • Various veterinary and medical preparations and articles

Goods in Class 5 Based on Classification

Trademark Class 5 covers the fields based on classification:-

  • Absorbent articles for personal hygiene
  • Absorbent pants for children
  • Adhesives for dentures
  • Air deodorizing preparations
  • Air purifying preparations
  • Albumin dietary supplements
  • Albuminous food products [medically necessary]
  • Albuminous preparations [medically necessary]
  • Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Alginate dietary supplements
  • Alloys of precious metals for dental purposes
  • Antiseptic cotton
  • Antiseptics
  • Appetite suppressants [medically necessary]
  • Asthmatic tea
  • Belts for sanitary pads
  • Breast-nursing pads
  • By-products of the processing of cereals for nutritional or medical purposes
  • Casein dietary supplements
  • Cod liver oil
  • Collyrium
  • Contact lens cleaning preparations
  • Dental abrasives
  • Dental amalgams
  • Dental amalgams of gold
  • Dental blocks of cement
  • Dental impression materials
  • Dental lacquer
  • Dental mastics
  • Dental preparations and articles
  • Deodorants
  • Deodorants for clothing and textiles
  • Deodorizers and air purifiers
  • Diabetic bread [medically necessary]
  • Diapers for babies
  • Diapers for pets
  • Diastase [medically necessary]
  • Dietary fiber
  • Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations
  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Dietetic beverages [medically necessary]
  • Dietetic foods [medically necessary]
  • Dietetic substances [medically necessary]
  • Disinfectants and antiseptics
  • Disinfectants for chemical toilets
  • Disinfectants for hygiene purposes
  • Enzyme dietary supplements
  • Eye-washes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Germicides
  • Glucose dietary supplements
  • Hygiene preparations and articles
  • Iodoform
  • Irish moss [medically necessary]
  • Lacteal flour for babies
  • Lecithin dietary supplements
  • Linseed nutritional supplements and dietary flaxseed supplements
  • Linseed oil and flaxseed oil dietary supplements
  • Medicinal alcohol
  • Medicinal drinks
  • Menstruation bandages and sanitary pads
  • Mineral food supplements
  • Molding wax for dentists
  • Mouthwashes [medically necessary]
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Pads for incontinence
  • Panty liners [sanitary]
  • Personal sexual lubricants
  • Pollen dietary supplements
  • Porcelain for dental prostheses
  • Preparations to facilitate teething
  • Propolis dietary supplements
  • Protein dietary supplements
  • Protein supplements for animals
  • Royal jelly dietary supplements
  • Rubber for dental purposes
  • Sanitary pads
  • Sanitary tampons and menstruation tampons
  • Sanitary underwear
  • Soil-sterilizing preparations
  • Solutions for contact lenses
  • Sterilizing preparations
  • Sulfur sticks [disinfectants]
  • Tooth-filling material
  • Vaginal washes
  • Vitamin preparations
  • Wheat germ dietary supplement
  • Yeast dietary supplements

Related or Coordinated Class for Trademark class 5

If it is unclear whether you should enroll in Class 5, or not, then there are other “coordinated” classes to consider. This means-

  • Medical and Vet Services- Class 54
  • Science and Technology Services- Class 52
  • Advertising and Business Services- Class 35
  • Cleaning Substances- Class 3
  • Medical Supplies- Class 10
  • Chemicals- Class 1

To clarify, any coordinated class is one that relates to another class.

What is the Procedure for Registering a Trademark Class 5?

Any individual having a specific symbol for their product can apply for trademark registration in India by following a certain process and submitting required Documents. Once a trademark is registered it is valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed after that period is over.

The procedure for registration of trademark is explained below:

  • Step 1: Trademark Search

    The first step is to search for the trademark that you want to register and check whether it is available or has already been registered. This step can be done easily by running an online search on the trademark registry website. It usually takes 4-5 hours to complete this step thoroughly. After this, availability check is completed and the trademark you want to register is found to be unique, you can proceed for the next step.

  • Step 2: Creating the Trademark Application

    Based on the results for your trademark search an application will be drafted by your attorney specifying the various details of the goods and services and the date of usage of the trademark. The above-mentioned Documents are to be furnished as well with your application. It takes a period of 2-3 days to complete this step.

  • Step 3: Trademark Registration

    The trademark application can be either filed manually or can be filed online. For manually filing a trademark application you are required to file it at any of the registrar offices of the trademark situated in various cities in the country. For filing your application online, you are required to fill FORM TM-A on the trademark registration website. Once thee form has been submitted you will instantly receive an acknowledgement from the government website. This filing takes a maximum time of 2-3 days. Once the application has been submitted you can start using your trademark with the symbol ™ next to it.

  • Step 4: Examination Process

    After the submission of the application the examination process begins. The trademark registrar checks whether the proper Documents have been submitted and the required procedure has been followed. The registrar also checks whether the trademark is unique and is not identical or even similar to any existing trademark.

  • Step 5: Publication in the trademark journal

    After the examination process is complete the registrar issues an examination report and the trademark is published in the Indian Trademark Journal. It is available for public viewing and any person who finds the trademark identical or similar to theirs can oppose it. Then the trademark won’t be accepted and then a dispute starts. But in case no one opposes the trademark for a period of four months, the trademark is accepted by the registrar.

  • Step 6: Trademark Registration Certificate

    The registrar accepts the trademark within a period of 90 days and issues a Certificate of Registration for the same. You can start using your trademark with the symbol ®. The owner also receives an application number and thus can frequently check the status in the trademark registry by using the same.

Why should you choose CorpBiz for Trademark Registration for Class 5?

We all know that registration for trademark Class 5 is an important part of trademark registration in case of registration for Pharmaceuticals, Supplements and Medical Dressings. But many other establishments miss the class of the goods and services to carry these out in a sufficient manner. A complete attention for the context of Trademark Class 5 Registration will cover your brand's exclusivity and safety of your products. Our CorpBiz group will provide you with full support and assistance of many theoretical reviews like what a trademark class is, which class is well-matched for which goods and services.

Why CorpBiz?

CorpBiz is one of the platform that is designed to achieve your entire trademark requirement and connect you to trustworthy Trademark professionals all over the nation. We are having clients that are satisfied with our legal service, Because of our focus on simplifying trademark registrations; we have high reliability and provide regular updates on trademark class. CorpBiz provides extremely reasonable services with attractive discounts. To enable our clients to act fast to protect your intellectual property, CorpBiz always provides timely reports and alerts related to trademark class 5.

The well-organized services of CorpBiz for trademark Class 5 registration will keep you posted about the Class 5 trademarks that appears to looks like your trademark. The effective group of CorpBiz Professionals will assure you to have complete control over your asset because your registered mark is no less than a highest asset for your business, as well as the Company. It will be very relaxed for you to act against any infringements and implement your trademark rights when you get the legal viewpoint and related updates by our expert legal team of Corpbiz.

Our office will keep you informed about every new applications and recent updates with reference to trademark office or brand names across the web, both in India as well as internationally.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Trademark Class 5 includes trademarks which relate to pharmaceuticals and other items and preparations for either veterinary or medical purpose, dietetic food or substances adapted for medical or veterinary use.

There are around 400 products under class 5 of trademark.

There are other “coordinated” classes to consider. They are as follows:-

  • Medical and Vet Services- Class 54
  • Science and Technology Services- Class 52
  • Advertising and Business Services- Class 35
  • Cleaning Substances- Class 3
  • Medical Supplies- Class 10
  • Chemicals- Class 1

Meal replacements, dietetic food, and beverages not for medical or veterinary are the types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 5.

There is a total of 45 classes dealing with different various different products.

No, there is no difference in the procedure of registering any class of the trademarks.

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