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Overview of Trademark Class 42

Trademark Class 42 consists of Scientific and technological services related to research and design, industrial analysis and research services, design and development of computer software & hardware.

It basically includes services rendered by any person for Trademark Registration related to theoretical as well as practical aspects of complex fields of activities.

Concept of Trademark Classification

The trademark application is made according to the NICE classification, under different classes of trademark. Each trademark class indicates a distinct set of goods as well as services. While filing application for trademark, the class of goods and services that connects the marks should be stated in the application itself. It is important to choose the right class of trademark while applying the Trademark Act.

If the activity related to trademark involves various goods & services falling under various trademark classes, then the application for trademark can be filed in more than one class.

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List of Services in Trademark Class 42

  • Services provided by engineers and scientists who undertake evaluations including technological consultancy
  • Computer and technology services for securing computer data and personal and financial information and to check for unauthorized access to data
  • Scientific research services done for medical purposes

List of Services not Included in Trademark Class 42

  • Business research and evaluations & Word processing and computer file management services (Class 35)
  • Financial and fiscal evaluations (Class 36)
  • Computer (hardware) installation and repair services & Mining and oil extraction (Class 37)
  • Garden design, Medical treatment services, Services provided by the members of professionals (Class 44)
  • Legal services (Class 45)

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 42

If the applicant is not sure to file application for trademark in Class 41 then the following coordinated classes can be considered-

  • Class 36 – Insurance and Finance Services
  • Class 37 – Construction and Repair Services
  • Class 38 – Telecommunications Services
  • Class 39 – Shipping and Travel Services
  • Class 40 – Material Treatment Services
  • Class 41 – Education and Entertainment Services
  • Class 43 – Food Services
  • Class 44 – Medical and Vet Services
  • Class 45 – Legal and Security Services

Comprehensive List of Services under Trademark Class 42

  • Web site design consultancy
  • Weather forecasting
  • Water analysis
  • Vehicle roadworthiness testing
  • Urban planning
  • Updating of computer software
  • Underwater exploration
  • Textile testing
  • Telecommunications technology consultancy
  • Technological consultancy
  • Technical research
  • Technical project studies
  • Surveying
  • Styling (industrial design)
  • Software as a service (saas)
  • Server hosting
  • Scientific research
  • Scientific laboratory services
  • Research in the field of environmental protection
  • Research and development of new products for others
  • Rental of web servers
  • Rental of computer software
  • Recovery of computer data
  • Quality evaluation of wool
  • Quality evaluation of standing timber
  • Quality control
  • Provision of scientific information, advice, and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting
  • Providing search engines for the internet
  • Providing information on computer technology and programming
  • Physics (research)
  • Packaging design
  • Outsource service providers in the field of information technology
  • Oil-well testing
  • Oil-field surveys
  • Oil prospecting
  • Off-site data backup
  • Monitoring of computer systems by remote access
  • Meteorological information
  • Mechanical research
  • Material testing
  • Maintenance of computer software
  • Land surveying / land surveys
  • Installation of computer software
  • Information technology (it) consultancy
  • Industrial design
  • Hosting computer sites (web sites)
  • Handwriting analysis (graphology)
  • Graphic arts design
  • Geological surveys
  • Geological research
  • Geological prospecting
  • Engineering
  • Energy auditing
  • Electronic data storage
  • Duplication of computer programs
  • Dress designing
  • Digitization of Documents (scanning)
  • Design of interior decor
  • Data conversion of computer programs and data (not physical conversion)
  • Creating and maintaining web sites for others
  • Cosmetic research
  • Conversion of data or Documents from physical to electronic media
  • Consultancy in the field of energy-saving
  • Consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware
  • Construction drafting
  • Computer virus protection services
  • Computer technology consultancy
  • Computer system design
  • Computer system analysis
  • Computer software design
  • Computer software consultancy
  • Computer rental
  • Computer programming
  • Cloud seeding
  • Cloud computing
  • Clinical trials
  • Chemistry services
  • Chemical research
  • Chemical analysis
  • Cartography services
  • Calibration (measuring)
  • Biological research
  • Bacteriological research
  • Authenticating works of art
  • Architectural services
  • Architectural consultation
  • Analysis for oil-field exploitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Classification plays an important role in categorizing various different classes in all over the country. There are different classes for Goods and Services. Class 1-34 consists of Goods and Class 35-45 consists of Services.

Trademark is owned by the company that uses the mark.

Trademark Search refers to finding out whether or not any other business uses that particular trademark.

Trademark application is made under 45 various classes of trademark.

You do not need a Company to register a trademark.

Trademark Class 42 consists of services related to Science and Technology Services.

Yes, Trademark can have two owners. It has to be done under Joint ownership.

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