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Overview of Trademark Class 38

Trademark Class 38 comprises services that allow at least one person to converse with any additional person by any sensory means.

Concept of Trademark Classification

The International Classification of Goods & Services also known as NICE Classification categorizes variety of goods and services into 45 Classes of Trademark; Class 1 to 34 covers Goods and Class 35 to 45 covers Services. This particular classification is often used by Trademark Registry of India in categorizing the different trademarks.

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List of Services Included in Trademark Class 38

  • Transmit messages from one person to another;
  • Place a person in oral or visual communication with another person;
  • Allows one person to talk to another.

Related Class for Trademark Class 38

If the person who is applying for Trademark is not sure about the class in which they want to register their Trademark, then they can go for the following Coordinated or Related Class

  • Class 35 – Advertising & Business Services
  • Class 36 – Insurance and finance services
  • Class 37 – Construction services
  • Class 39 – Shipping and travel services
  • Class 40 – Material treatment services
  • Class 41 – Education and entertainment services
  • Class 42 – Science and technology services
  • Class 43 – Food services
  • Class 44 – Medical and vet services
  • Class 45 – Legal and security services

Comprehensive list of services in Trademark Class 38

    There is the Comprehensive list of services under Trademark Class 38 to apply for Trademark Registration. Those are as follows:-

  • Wireless broadcasting
  • Voice mail services
  • Video-on-demand transmission
  • Videoconferencing services
  • Transmission of telegrams
  • Transmission of greeting cards online
  • Transmission of electronic mail
  • Transmission of digital files
  • Telex services
  • Television broadcasting
  • Telephone services
  • Telegraph services
  • Teleconferencing services
  • Telecommunications routing and junction services
  • Streaming of data
  • Satellite transmission
  • Rental of telephones
  • Rental of telecommunication equipment
  • Rental of modems
  • Rental of message sending apparatus
  • Rental of facsimile apparatus
  • Rental of access time to global computer networks
  • Radio communications
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Providing user access to global computer networks
  • Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
  • Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services
  • Providing online forums
  • Providing internet chat rooms
  • Providing access to databases
  • Paging services (radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication)
  • News agency services
  • Message sending
  • Information about telecommunication
  • Facsimile transmission
  • Electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications services)
  • Computer aided transmission of messages and images
  • Communications by telephone
  • Communications by telegrams
  • Communications by fiber optic networks / communications by fiber optic networks
  • Communications by computer terminals
  • Communications by cellular phones
  • Cable television broadcasting

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person whether an individual, company, or legal entity that claims to be the owner of the trademark can apply for registration.

Trademark in India is divided into 45 classes.

The trademark is divided into Five categories in India; namely generic mark, suggestive mark, descriptive marks, arbitrary and fanciful mark.

Goods and services are classified into various classes according to the NICE Classification.

The trademark Registry provides trademark registration in India as it administers the trademark act.

Yes, domain name can be registered as trademark in India.

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