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Overview of Trademark Class 24

Goods and services are classified by according to specific classes. Here, we are presenting a comprehensive guide to Trademark Class 24 of the Trademark Classification.

Trademark class 24 is worldwide famous for being associated with the trademarks used in the business of various textiles and Fabrics goods. It basically consists of Textiles and fabrics used for household purposes.

Concept of Trademark Classes

Trademark Classification aids for easy registration of all trademarks and service marks in numerous fields under the National and International Trademark Offices all over the world. Goods and services have been classified by the International Classification of Goods and Services into 45 Classes of Trademark. This classification issued by the Indian Trademark Registry to categorize the trademark.


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List of Items Classified under Trademark Class 24

  • Various fabrics;
  • Textile substances, goods, and products and substitutes;
  • Textile filtering materials;
  • Sleeping bags & sleeping bag liners;
  • Mosquito nets;
  • Labels;
  • Kitchen, table & bath linens;
  • Household linen;
  • Coverings for furniture items;
  • Cloth wall hangings;
  • Bed linen of paper;
  • Bed fabrics and blankets;
  • All diverse fabrics.

List of Items does not Included under Trademark Class 24

  • Class 16- Table linen of paper;
  • Class 18- Horse blankets;
  • Class 10 - Electrically heated blankets for medical purposes;
  • Class 11 - Electrically heated blankets not for medical purposes;
  • Certain special textiles

Coordinated Classes for trademark Class 24

The correct class should be precise at the time of applying for Trademark Registration because if the class is found incorrect then the application process will have to start again.

If the applicant is not sure whether to register in trademark Class 24, then following related classes should be considered-

  • Class 42 — Science and Technology Services
  • Class 35 — Advertising and Business Services
  • Class 26 — Lace and Embroidery
  • Class 25 — Clothing
  • Class 23 — Yarns and Threads

List of goods that comes under trademark Class 24

  • Zephyr (cloth)
  • Woolen cloth or woolen fabric
  • Wall hangings of textile or tapestry (wall hangings) of textile
  • Velvet
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Tulle
  • Trellis (cloth)
  • Travelling rugs (lap robes)
  • Traced clothes for embroidery or traced cloth for embroidery
  • Towels of textile
  • Ticks (mattress covers)
  • Tick (linen)
  • Textile material
  • Taffeta (cloth)
  • Tablemats, not of paper
  • Tablecloths, not of paper
  • Table runners
  • Table napkins of textile or serviettes of textile
  • Table linen, not made of paper
  • Sleeping bag liners
  • Silk fabrics for printing patterns
  • Silk (cloth)
  • Shrouds
  • Shower curtains of textile or plastic
  • Sheets (textile)
  • Sanitary flannel
  • Rayon fabric
  • Ramie fabric
  • Printers’ blankets of textile
  • Printed calico cloth
  • Plastic material (substitute for fabrics)
  • Place mats, not of paper
  • Pillowcases
  • Pillow shams
  • Oilcloth for use as tablecloths
  • Non-woven textile fabrics
  • Net curtains
  • Mosquito nets
  • Moleskin (fabric)
  • Mattress covers
  • Marabouts (cloth)
  • Linings (textile)
  • Lining fabric for shoes
  • Lingerie fabric
  • Linen cloth
  • Labels of cloth
  • Knitted fabric
  • Jute fabric
  • Jersey (fabric)
  • Household linen
  • Hemp fabric
  • Hemp cloth
  • Hat linings, of textile, in the piece
  • Handkerchiefs of textile
  • Haircloth (sackcloth)
  • Gummed cloth, other than for stationery
  • Glass cloths (towels)
  • Gauze (cloth)
  • Fustian or dimity
  • Furniture coverings of textile
  • Furniture coverings of plastic or coverings of plastic for furniture
  • Frieze (cloth)
  • Flannel (fabric)
  • Flags, not of paper
  • Fitted toilet lid covers of fabric
  • Filtering materials of textile
  • Fiberglass fabrics for textile use or fiberglass fabrics for textile use
  • Felt
  • Face towels of textile
  • Fabrics for textile use
  • Fabric & impervious to gases for aeronautical balloons
  • Fabric
  • Fabric of imitation animal skins
  • Fabric for footwear
  • Esparto fabric
  • Elastic woven material
  • Eiderdowns (down coverlets)
  • Drugget
  • Door curtains
  • Diapered linen
  • Diaper changing clothes for babies
  • Damask
  • Curtains of textile or plastic
  • Curtain holders of textile material
  • Crepon
  • Crepe (fabric)
  • Covers for cushions
  • Covers (loose) for furniture or loose covers for furniture
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Coasters (table linen)
  • Cloth
  • Cloth for removing make-up
  • Cheviots (cloth)
  • Chenille fabric
  • Cheese cloth
  • Canvas for tapestry or embroidery
  • Calico
  • Bunting
  • Buckram
  • Brocades
  • Bolting cloth
  • Billiard cloth
  • Bed linen
  • Bed covers of paper
  • Bed covers or bedspreads or coverlets or quilts
  • Bed clothes
  • Bed blankets
  • Bath mitts
  • Bath linen, except clothing
  • Banners
  • Adhesive fabric for application by heat

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark class 24 is worldwide famous for being associated with the trademarks used in the business of various textiles and Fabrics goods. It basically consists of Textiles and fabrics used for household purposes.

Trademark classes are separated by Goods and Services, in which each class has different kinds of goods as well as services.

The registration of trademark offers the owner "the right to protect the trademark" once it is registered.

A Trademark Class Search list comprises of 45 classes, consisting goods and services.

Our CorpBiz experts will offer you with a full review and support of theoretical questions related to trademark design and exclusivity in registration and protection of trademarks as well as service marks related to all 45 classes.

Yes, a three-dimensional mark is registrable.

Nice Classification by WIPO is adopted in India.

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