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Overview of Trademark Class 13

It is necessary to register trademarks under each category separately & each class comprises a separate class of goods and services. In this editorial, we will cover all the products falling under trademark Class 13.

Trademark Class 13 consists of firearms and weapons, ammunition and projectiles, explosives substances and devices, and fireworks and pyrotechnics. However, items such as Matches are not to be included in this classified list under Trademark Class 13

Concept of Trademark Classification

The renowned and knowledgeable trademark lawyers of well-known legal firm i.e. Corpbiz got experienced with 2000+ cases in registering trademarks under all zonal trademark offices of India, as well as in foreign counties. From trademark design and exclusivity in registration and protection of trademarks as well as service marks related to all 45 classes of the Nice Classification, all are covered by our Corpbiz Group. The international treaties included the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the Community Trademark of the European Union.

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Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 13

If you are not sure whether to go for Trademark Registration under Class 13, following ‘coordinated’ classes may be considered in those cases. Those are as follows:-

  • Class 28 (Games and Sporting Goods)

    Products for hunting firearms often overlap the line between trademark Class 13 and trademark class 28. For that reason, it’s a good strategy for the producers of such goods to file under both goods.

  • Class 35 (Advertising Businesses and Services)

    If your business has a considerable advertising or branding element, you can consider filing the aspects of your brand under Trademark Class 35.

  • Class 42 (Science and Technology Services)

    Many weapons and explosives manufacturers are paid for their research services and should register under trademark Class 42.

  • Class 45 (Legal and Security Services)

    If your business has a private security element, don’t forget to file under trademark Class 45.

List of goods under Trademark Class 13

  • Trunnions for heavy weapons
  • Trigger guards for guns and rifles / trigger guards for rifles
  • Torpedoes
  • Tear-gas weapons / tear gas weapons
  • Tanks [weapons]
  • Sprays for personal defense purposes / sprays for personal defence purposes
  • Signal rockets
  • Sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms
  • Sights, other than telescopic sights, for artillery
  • Sighting mirrors for guns and rifles / sighting mirrors for guns / sighting mirrors for rifles
  • Side arms [firearms]
  • Shoulder straps for weapons / bandoliers for weapons
  • Shells [projectiles]
  • Rockets [projectiles]
  • Rocket launchers
  • Rifles / carbines
  • Rifle cases / gun cases
  • Rifle barrels / gun barrels
  • Revolvers
  • Pyrotechnic products
  • Pyrophoric substances
  • Projectiles [weapons]
  • Primings [fuses]
  • Powder horns
  • Pistols [arms]
  • Noise-suppressors for guns
  • Motorized weapons
  • Mortars [firearms]
  • Mines [explosives]
  • Machine guns
  • Lead shot for hunting
  • Hunting firearms / sporting firearms
  • Harpoon guns [weapons]
  • Hand grenades
  • Hammers for guns and rifles / hammers for guns / hammers for rifles
  • Gunstocks / gun stocks
  • Guns [weapons]
  • Gunpowder
  • Guncotton / pyroxylin
  • Gun carriages [artillery]
  • Fuses for explosives, for use in mines
  • Fuses for explosives
  • Fog signals, explosive
  • Flare pistols
  • Firing platforms
  • Fireworks
  • Firecrackers
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Explosive powders
  • Explosive cartridges
  • Dynamite
  • Detonators
  • Detonating plugs
  • Detonating fuses for explosives / firing lanyards for explosives
  • Detonating caps other than toys / percussion caps other than toys
  • Cleaning brushes for firearms
  • Cartridges
  • Cartridge pouches
  • Cartridge loading apparatus
  • Cartridge cases
  • Cannons
  • Breeches of firearms
  • Bengal lights
  • Belts adapted for ammunition
  • Ballistic weapons / ballistic missiles
  • Automatic firearm ammunition belts
  • Artillery guns [cannons]
  • Apparatus for filling cartridge belts
  • Ammunition for firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Ammonium nitrate explosives / nitrate of ammonia explosives
  • Air pistols [weapons]
  • Acetyl-nitrocellulose

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Search refers to checking whether or not any other business or organization uses a trademark. A search for a trademark can be slender in scope or can comprise results from every avenue for trademark protection for each mark is vaguely similar to the mark that is subject to search.

A Trademark Class is standard under the World Intellectual Property Organization Nice Classification for the classification of goods and services

Trademark Class 13 Trademark Class 13 consists of firearms and weapons, ammunition and projectiles, explosives substances and devices, and fireworks and pyrotechnics.

There are other “coordinated” classes to consider. They are as follows:-

  • Class 28
  • Class 35
  • Class 42
  • Class 45

Matches are not to be included in this classified list under Trademark Class 13

CorpBiz will offer you with a full summary and support of theoretical questions. Like what a trademark class is, why must they be observed promptly when needed to establish.

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