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Trademark Class 12

If you want to register your trademark Class 12 for vehicles and vehicles equipment, then you are just a click away! We have a well-recognized & disciplined trademark class finder service of the Corpbiz professionals.

  • Timely trademark searches- National as well as International
  • Boost the exclusiveness and safety of your brand
  • Recognizes modification in various classes of trademark
  • Offers suitable reports and alerts
  • Use of highly reliable expertise to identify phonetic and visual similarities between two trademarks
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Overview of Trademark Class 12

Trademark class 12 is internationally accepted legal services for Indian and international registrations of various trademarks related to the vehicles and vehicle equipments classified. This detailed class is actually the Trademark class 12 of Nice Classification, which is an internationally approved classification for goods and services generated in various economic sectors of any state. The foremost purpose of the Nice Classification is to help in separate and explicit registration of various trademarks belonging to goods and services formed in the sectors of profession and financial system at the international & domestic levels in countries globally.

Trademark Class 12

Concept of Trademark Classification


Knowledgeable and well-informed trademark lawyers of our well-appointed and internationally well-known IPR law firms of India are experienced in registering trademarks under all zonal trademark offices of India, and all internationally famous treaties and convention related with trademarks. From trademark design and exclusivity in registration and protection of trademarks as well as service marks relating to all 45 classes of the Nice Classification, all are covered by our Corpbiz Group. The international treaties are the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the Community Trademark of the European Union.

Class 12 Includes the List of Vehicles and Vehicle Equipments

Particularly under the broad range of Trademark class 12 vehicles and vehicle equipments, the following lists of items are included.

  • Various Land Vehicles and Conveyances;
  • Anti-theft, Security, and Safety Devices and Equipments for Vehicles;
  • Fittings and Parts of Air and Space Crafts and Vehicles;
  • Mobility Conveyances;
  • Human-powered Trolleys and Carts;
  • Motors, Engines, and other Fittings and Parts used for diverse Land Vehicles;
  • Diverse Water Vehicles and various Fittings;
  • Couplings and Transmission Components used for Vehicles;
  • Air Cushion Vehicles;
  • Air and Space Crafts and Vehicles.

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 12

Coordinated trademark classes are the one which is related to any other class. The following are the related products in the Coordinated Trademark Class list-

  • Class 6-Common metals;
  • Class 9-Computers and Scientific Devices;
  • Class 7-Machines;
  • Class 20-Furniture;
  • Class 19-Building Materials;
  • Class 35-Advertising and Business Service;
  • Class 40-Material Treatment Services;
  • Class 37-Construction and Repair Services;
  • Class 42-Science and Technology Services.

The Trademark Registration fees may differ on the basis of the class system of goods and services. A separate fee is charged for each class of goods and service at the time of trademark registration. It is suitable to choose the correct class at the time of registration; if you register a trademark in the incorrect class then you may have to pay extra.

List of all Goods included in Trademark Class 12

The following goods are classified under Trademark Class 12

  • Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes
  • Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances
  • Aeroplanes
  • Air vehicles
  • Air pumps [vehicle accessories]
  • Air cushion vehicles
  • Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]
  • Aircraft
  • Ambulances
  • Amphibious airplanes
  • Anti-dazzle devices for vehicles
  • Anti-skid chains
  • Anti-theft devices for vehicles
  • Anti-theft alarms for vehicles
  • Armoured vehicles / armored vehicles
  • Audible warning systems for cycles
  • Automobile hoods
  • Automobile chains
  • Automobile chassis
  • Automobile tires [tyres]
  • Automobile bodies
  • Axle journals
  • Axles for vehicles
  • Balance weights for vehicle wheels
  • Bands for wheel hubs
  • Barges
  • Baskets adapted for cycles
  • Bicycle stands
  • Bicycle tires [tyres]
  • Bicycle saddles / cycle saddles
  • Bicycle bells
  • Bicycles / cycles
  • Boat hooks
  • Boats
  • Bodies for vehicles
  • Bogies for railway cars
  • Brake linings for vehicles
  • Brake shoes for vehicles
  • Brake segments for vehicles
  • Brake pads for automobiles
  • Brake discs for vehicles
  • Brakes for bicycles,
  • Brakes for vehicles
  • Buffers for railway rolling stock
  • Bumpers for automobiles
  • Cable transport apparatus and installations
  • Caissons [vehicles]
  • Camping cars / motor homes
  • Caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks
  • Caravans
  • Carriages [railways]
  • Cars for cable transport installations
  • Carts
  • Casings for pneumatic tires [tyres]
  • Casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (Am.)]
  • Casting carriages
  • Chains for bicycles,
  • Chairlifts
  • Cigar lighters for automobiles
  • Hydraulic circuits for vehicles
  • Cleaning trolleys
  • Cleats [nautical]
  • Clutches for land vehicles
  • Concrete mixing vehicles
  • Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than motors and engines
  • Couplings for vehicles
  • Covers for baby strollers
  • Covers for vehicle steering
  • Crankcases for land vehicle components
  • Cranks for cycles
  • Cycle mudguards
  • Cycle hubs
  • Cycle stands
  • Cycle cars
  • Cycle bells
  • Davits for boats
  • Delivery tricycles / carrier tricycles
  • Dining cars
  • Dining cars [carriages] / dinner wagons [carriages]
  • Direction indicators for bicycles
  • Direction signals for vehicles
  • Dirigible balloons [airships] / airships / dirigible balloons
  • Disengaging gear for boats
  • Doors for vehicles
  • Dredgers [boats]
  • Dress guards for bicycles, cycles
  • Driving motors for land vehicles
  • Driving chains for land vehicles
  • Ejector seats for aircraft
  • Engine mounts for land vehicles
  • Engines for vehicles
  • Fenders for ships
  • Ferry boats
  • Flanges for railway wheel tires [tyres]
  • Frames for bicycles
  • Freewheels for land vehicles
  • Funiculars
  • Funnels for ships
  • Funnels for locomotives
  • Gear boxes for land vehicles
  • Gearing for land vehicles
  • Gears for cycles
  • Golf carts [vehicles] / golf cars [vehicles]
  • Handle bars for bicycles,
  • Handling carts
  • Head-rests for vehicle seats
  • Headlight wipers
  • Hoods for vehicle engines
  • Hoods for vehicles
  • Horns for vehicles
  • Hose carts
  • Hot air balloons
  • Hub caps
  • Hubs for vehicle wheels / vehicle wheel hubs
  • Hydroplanes
  • Inclined ways for boats
  • Jet engines for land vehicles
  • Kick sledges
  • Launches
  • Lifting cars [lift cars] / fork lift trucks
  • Locomotives
  • Lorries / trucks
  • Luggage carriers for vehicles
  • Luggage nets for vehicles
  • Masts for boats
  • Military vehicles for transport
  • Mine cart wheels
  • Mopeds
  • Motor buses
  • Motor coaches
  • Motor cars / automobiles / cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Motors for cycles
  • Motors, electric, for land vehicles
  • Mudguards
  • Non-skid devices for vehicle tires [tyres]
  • Oars
  • Omnibuses
  • Paddles for canoes
  • Panniers adapted for cycles
  • Parachutes
  • Pedals for cycles
  • Pontoons
  • Portholes
  • Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles
  • Pumps for bicycles,
  • Pushchair hoods / hoods for baby carriages
  • Pushchairs / baby carriages / prams [baby carriages] / strollers
  • Railway couplings
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Reduction gears for land vehicles
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Refrigerated waggons [railroad vehicles]
  • Remote control vehicles, other than toys
  • Repair outfits for inner tubes
  • Reversing alarms for vehicles
  • Rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles / bicycle rims / cycle rims
  • Rims for vehicle wheels
  • Rolling stock for funicular railways
  • Rolling stock for railways
  • Rowlocks / oarlocks
  • Rudders
  • Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles
  • Saddlebags adapted for bicycles
  • Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles
  • Safety belts for vehicle seats
  • Safety seats for children, for vehicles
  • Scooters [vehicles]
  • Screw-propellers for boats
  • Screw-propellers
  • Screws [propellers] for ships
  • Sculls / stern oars
  • Seaplanes
  • Seat covers for vehicles
  • Security harness for vehicle seats
  • Ships
  • Ships’ hulls
  • Shock absorbing springs for vehicles
  • Shock absorbers for automobiles
  • Shopping trolleys [carts (Am.)]
  • Side cars
  • Ski carriers for cars
  • Ski lifts
  • Sleeping berths for vehicles
  • Sleeping cars
  • Sleighs [vehicles]
  • Snowmobiles
  • Space vehicles
  • Spare wheel covers / spare tire covers / spare tyre covers
  • Spars for ships
  • Spikes for tyres / studs for tyres
  • Spoilers for vehicles
  • Spike clips for wheels
  • Spokes for bicycles, cycle spokes
  • Sports cars
  • Sprinkling trucks
  • Steering gears for ships / ships’ steering gears
  • Steering wheels
  • Sun-blinds modified for automobiles
  • Suspension shock absorbers
  • Tailboard / power tailgates (Am.) [parts of land vehicles]
  • Telpher railways [cable cars] / cable cars
  • Tilt trucks
  • Tilting-carts
  • Timbers [frames] for ships
  • Tipping bodies for lorries [trucks]
  • Tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons
  • Pneumatic tires [tyres] / tires,
  • Torque converters for land vehicles
  • Torsion bars for vehicles
  • Traction engines
  • Tractors
  • Trailer hitches for vehicles
  • Trailers [vehicles]
  • Tramcars
  • Transmission chains for land vehicles
  • Transmission shafts for land vehicles
  • Transmissions, for land vehicles
  • Treads for vehicles [tractor type] or [roller belts]
  • Treads for retreading tires
  • Tricycles
  • Trolleys* / hand cars
  • Tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles
  • Inner tubes for pneumatic tires [tyres]
  • Inner tubes for bicycles, cycles
  • Turbines for land vehicles
  • Two-wheeled trolleys / luggage trucks / sack-barrows
  • Tyres for vehicle wheels
  • Undercarriages for vehicles
  • Upholstery for vehicles
  • Valves for vehicle tires [tyres]
  • Vans [vehicles]
  • Vehicle wheels
  • Vehicle chassis
  • Vehicle bumpers
  • Vehicle running boards
  • Vehicle wheel tires [tyres]
  • Vehicle wheel spokes
  • Vehicle suspension springs
  • Vehicle seats
  • Vehicle covers [shaped]
  • Electric vehicles
  • Vehicles for land, air, water or rail
  • Waggons
  • Water vehicles
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Wheelchairs
  • Wheels for bicycles, cycles
  • Windows for vehicles
  • Windscreens / windshields
  • Windshield wipers / windscreen wipers
  • Yachts

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Search refers to checking whether or not any other business or organization uses a trademark. A search for a trademark can be slender in scope or can comprise results from every avenue for trademark protection for each mark is vaguely similar to the mark that is subject to search.

A Trademark Class is standard under the World Intellectual Property Organization Nice Classification for the classification of goods and services

Trademark Class 12 includes Various Land Vehicles and Conveyances; Anti-theft, Security, and Safety Devices and Equipments for Vehicles; Fittings and Parts of Air and Space Crafts and Vehicles;

There are other “coordinated” classes to consider. They are as follows:-

  • Class 6-Common metals;
  • Class 9-Computers and Scientific Devices;
  • Class 7-Machines;
  • Class 20-Furniture;
  • Class 19-Building Materials;
  • Class 35-Advertising and Business Service;
  • Class 40-Material Treatment Services;
  • Class 37-Construction and Repair Services;
  • Class 42-Science and Technology Services.

The goods that do not come under Trademark Class 12 are as follows:-

  • Railway material of metals – ( Class 6- Common Metals)
  • Motors, engines, coupling and transmission components other for land vehicles ( Class 7)
  • Parts of motors and engines ( Class 7)

CorpBiz will offer you with a full summary and support of theoretical questions. Like what a trademark class is, why must they be observed promptly when needed to establish, etc.

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