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Overview of Six Sigma Consulting

Six Sigma is implemented in an organisation to focus on process improvement and variation reduction. Six Sigma includes data-driven tools and techniques to help practitioners to understand and quantify their processes' performance. It is about letting data show the reality and leading the members to the real cause to solve the complex problems that have many reasons or factors with different degrees of impact on the performance. The application of this Six Sigma is not only to the manufacturing process but industrial, commercial and service processes.

Six Sigma is all about processes that help the team focus and channel the organisation's efforts. It is a step-by-step process of interventions and statistical tools that allows the organisations to interpret that the processes need attention, identify the root causes of all problems and sustain the gain in improvements.

It is simply a management technique to improve business processes by reducing the probability of occurrence of any error or defect. It is a disciplined, statistical, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating any defect in a product, service or process.

Application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma applies a data-driven systematic approach to solve any problem with a focus on customer impact. It is a rigorous methodology for solving a problem that includes the five steps of DMAIC, i.e., Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement and Control. The DMAIC has the following reference:

  • D for Definition: Identifying and providing a definition of the problem to make sure that the correct problem is being solved. Also, identify the defects and errors from the customer's point of view and the beneficiary of the product or service.
  • M for Measurement: it is gathering data that helps in explaining the problem. Also, measuring the problem and its process through data and numbers.
  • A for Analysis: it is analysing and reviewing the data to find patterns that are leading to the root cause.
  • I for Improvement: it is about making changes in process-based Analysis. Improving the process by finding solutions to problems for reformation and Improvement, reducing and preventing future problems using statistical analysis tools.
  • C for Control: it is achieved by putting the steps of a process in place to ensure the improvements are sustained. Identifying the necessary monitoring tools to monitor the performance of the operations and maintain the improvements applied to keep the whole process on track.

Objective of Six Sigma Consulting

The objectives of this Six Sigma Consultancy are as follows:

  • To achieve operational excellence by ensuring the reliability of the organisation
  • To gain speed and agility
  • To reduce costs by eliminating superfluous tasks
  • To improve the quality of processes of the organisation by removing all variability.
  • To improve motivation and productivity among the staff of the organisation.

Benefits of Six Sigma Consulting

Followings are the most common benefits of taking proper guidance from Six Sigma Consulting and implementing it:

  • Improved performance of affected processes
  • Enhanced decision-making capability through an emphasis on data-driven management
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduced operating costs related to waste, rework and other non-value-added activities
  • Improved capability to sustain gains and improvements of the organisation
  • Enhanced understanding of causes that contributes to process variation.
  • Continuous development
  • Implementation of strategic development plans

Eligibility to obtain Six Sigma Consulting

Followings are the organisation that is eligible to have Six Sigma Consulting:

  • All businesses, regardless of their activity or size
  • Industrial, commercial, service and agricultural businesses
  • Hospital and healthcare providers
  • Schools, universities, educational institutes and any other educational service providers

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Procedure of Six Sigma Consulting

Following are the steps that Corpbiz applies while implementing Six Sigma at your organisation:


  • Corpbiz does the survey of all the operations in the organisation, interviews the members or employees of the organisation and especially those who are responsible for the operations, and then it prepares a report on production, quality, maintenance, procurement, customer complaints and learns the cause of problems or any shortcomings.
  • We identify the problem of the organisation.
  • We set up the selection matrix, chose improvement projects that are worked under Six Sigma and trained the team on how to select future projects.
  • We calculate expected savings from such projects and make a project chart that will demonstrate the tasks and responsibilities of the team and time.


  • Corpbiz finds out the inputs that affect output.
  • We track the mapping of the flow chart processes.
  • Then identify the interference between the operations by the swimming flow chart.
  • We use charts to monitor and measure the cloud and calculate the process capability.
  • We verify the measurement and monitoring data by measurement system analysis.


  • After studying everything, we create a flow map and collect data on operations performance, analyse the process, identify weaknesses and deficiencies, and identify the root cause of the problems using quality control tools.


  • We generate more possible ideas to develop any solution to the root cause of the problems identified, and the employees of the organisation generate these ideas.


  • We continuously monitor the performance and procedure of operations. At Copbiz, the instructions and operations execution are also monitored.
  • We also determine the actions taken in the case where the operation efficiency decreases.

The processes we go through while implementing Six Sigma are as follows:

  • Our expert team examines the processes in detail and then submits a report on its founding containing all the available improvement projects and expected financial results to save costs and increase the profit of the organisation.
  • They focus on improving the current processes with the above-mentioned DMAIC method.
  • Then they create and execute the new operations using the DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyse, Design and Verify) method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lean Six Sigma is a philosophy of fact-based and data-driven Improvement that values defect prevention more than defect detection.

The Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma are different in the following aspects:
  • Lean Six Sigma focuses on waste reduction, and Six Sigma emphasises variation reduction.
  • Lean Six Sigma achieves goals by using technical tools and visual controls, and Six Sigma uses Analysis of statistical data, design of experiments and hypothesis testing.

Following are Six Sigma levels of professionalism:
  • Six Sigma White Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Some of the top companies that have implemented Six Sigma are 3M, McKesson Business, Textron, Xerox, BAE System, Abbot, Chevron, Apple, Amazon, Atos, Bank of America, Bechtel, Autoliv, Microsoft, Ford, Tata, Kodak, etc.

An American Engineer employed by Motorola introduced Six Sigma in 1986.

The basic Level of Six Sigma Certification is the Six Sigma While belt, which deals with basic concepts and tools of Six Sigma.

The highest level of Six Sigma is the Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and it is also the achievement that enables the professionals to shape their strategies, develop key metrics and act as superior consultants and coaches to the other lower belt holders.

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