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Scrap Trading registered under SPCB

Trading in scrap needs the license in India, one should comply all the government compliances to obtain the license from the SPCB. Connect with corpbiz now and get your license soon to start your business.

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Overview on Scrap Trading registered under SPCB

In India, the scrap business was run by backward people. Although, the business was not considered respectful in society. But, over time, people's way of thinking has been changed. Therefore, nowadays, those involved in trading in scrap are making a lot of profit. We have often sold and thrown discarded and unwanted materials from our houses. Usually, the waste and discarded materials are being recycled by the recyclers. In India, metal scrap is considered the most profitable business; the concept of scrap business is based on the recycling of waste scrap materials. The most widely used metal around the world for recycling is aluminium.

What do you understand about Scrap Business?

We all are usually throw out the metal scrap from our houses; the metal scraps are in the form of aluminium or steel. Scrap is the term used mainly in the industrial sector to describe goods made up of other materials. That cannot be repurposed. The metals are being recycled and melted down into new products. Hence, scrap business is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to profit by collecting raw materials. 

How to start the Scrap business in India?

One needs to thoroughly recognize the scrap which can be easily be sold. As far as the identification of the metal is concerned, the metal ferromagnetism with a magnet must be checked. The scrap should likely be made up of five essential metals:   

  • Aluminium is a Non-ferromagnetic metal; it is light in weight and is as common as iron.
  • Iron (alloy) and steel- have a wide range of applications and are usually kept for scrap. 
  • Copper- Copper is another metal that is widely used for scrap. It is non-ferromagnetic metal, and it weighs more than iron. Copper is used in wiring and cookware.
  • Lead is considered soft and heavy metal, commonly used in bullets and radiation barriers.
  • Bronze is an alloy of copper which is less valuable and light in weight. 

So, before setting up the scrap business, one should keep some important points in mind:

One should know how to deconstruct objects to sell them for Scrap- Some metals can be dismantled using common equipment. One should have to dissolve large objects into small components to sort the scrap metals before the scrapping process; online research must have been done thoroughly. Tiny threats could be lurking during disassembly. When hard plastic, electrical products, objects, glass, and metals are separated, they might cause harm. As a result, vigilance is necessary, as accidents are common in this industry.

Need to look out the places where you can collect scrap- To set up the scrap business in India. It would be best if you found out where you can collect the scrap materials. The Scarp materials can be collected from homes, industries, etc. Then decide on your target audience, as well as what you'll produce with the discarded materials and how much you'll charge for scrap. Choose the type of scrap you need; you shouldn't start a business unless you've considered all of these issues. If you don't understand these aspects, you risk buying junk that you won't be able to sell, resulting in a loss. To start a scrap business, you'll need more than just a basic understanding of recycling centres and commodity prices. After selecting the suitable junk, raw materials, and stuff to be made, knowing about scrap trading and the cost specifications of transporting the waste.

Transporting the Scrap material- It's time to move the scrap; transportation of scrap must be done from one site to another; get a van that can carry enormous loads of scrap metal. While renting a vehicle to move scrap is simple, protecting your vehicle's interior from damage is important. 

Space required for Scraps- Pick your scrap metals, disassemble them, and store them. For storing them, you'll need a large space. Depending on how much scrap you collect, you'll need to put it in a yard. A scrap shop property can be rented or leased. To avoid theft and maintain safety, you must also guarantee that the site is secure. Invest in safety equipment when working with scrap metal because it might be dangerous.

Kinds of Scrap businesses in India

  • Recycling of E-waste
  • Recycling of Farm waste
  • Recycling of Tyres
  • Recycling of papers
  • Recycling of plants
  • Recycling of glass
  • Recycling of woods
  • Recycling of aluminium cans
  • Computer recycling
  • Recycling of utensils

Who is eligible to apply for the registration?

So, any individual can apply for setting up the scrap trading business in India while complying with the guidelines of the state pollution control board. 

What are the Documents required to obtain the authorization from SPCB?

  • Land approval
  • KYC, Pan Card
  • IEC Code

What is the process of Registration under SPCB?

The registration process commences with the filing of an application to obtain the license from the State pollution control board. So, after a clear examination of the application within 30 days, the state pollution control board will forward the application with some suggestions and necessary conditions for safe transportation and processing. The SPCB will provide the license to commence the trading business in scrap if an applicant submits the consent letter along with the authenticating copy before SPCB.

How Corpbhiz can assist you:

  • Corpbiz will assist you in filling the application
  • We will assist you in documentation
  • We will provide you the consultation on your query
  • End-to-end service provider
  • Delivering of License

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