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An Overview of Rubber Dealer License

Under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the Government of India has introduced a legal body called the Rubber Board to help the Government implement the Provisions of the Rubber Act, 1947. The Head Office of the Rubber Board is located in Kottayam, Kerala. Under the present Rubber Act and Rules, transactions in rubber are regulated through the Rubber Industry. The Rubber Board issues various licenses and there is one crucial License that we are going to talk about is Rubber Dealer License. If any individual or a person wants to sell, purchase, or otherwise deal in rubber shall apply for a Rubber Dealer License.

The Rubber Act was first introduced in 1947 to promote natural rubber, entrusting the task to the Rubber Board. Since then, the Sector has grown to include 8.22 lakhs hectares of cultivation and 13.2 lakhs of small cultivating units. The existence of the Rubber Board, the licensing system, extension, subsidies, replanting, control over the import & export and a host of other backing systems on this Act.

Primary Functions of the Rubber Board

Following are the functions of the Rubber Board as defined under the Act:

  • To promote by such measures as it fit for the development of the rubber business;
  • Without prejudice to the overview of the preceding provision, the measures referred to therein may provide for:

    1. Helping, undertaking, or encouraging scientific, technology, or economic research;

    2. Training students in improved methods of cultivation, spraying, planting, and manuring;

    3. The statistics collection from owners of estates (dealers);

    4. Protecting better working conditions and the provision & improvement of amenities & incentives to workers;

    5. The supply of technical guidance to rubber growers;

    6. Performing any other duties which may be covered with the Board according to the rules made under the Act.

  • It shall also be the duty of the Board:

    1. To inform the Central Government on all matters concerning the development of the rubber industry, comprising the import & export of rubber;

    2. Advise the Government concerning participation in any global conference or scheme relating to rubber;

    3. Submit to the Central Government & such other authorities as may be prescribed half-yearly reports on its activity & the working of this Act;

    4. To prepare & provide such other reports regarding Rubber Industry as may be needed by the Central Government from time to time.

Documents Required to Obtain Rubber Dealer License

Following are some vital Documents required for obtaining a Rubber Dealer License:

  1. Proof of ownership of the firm; in case of Partnership Firm or Proprietorship Firm or Private Limited or Co-operative Society;
  2. Aadhar Card or PAN Card of the firm’s owner;
  3. The total quantity of the rubber sold & purchased in the last 5 years.
  4. Form-B application form.

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Procedure for Rubber Dealer License

Any individual or a person who wants to purchase, sell, or deal in rubber shall apply for a Rubber Dealer License in Form-B. The application should be accompanied by Documentary evidence to prove the right of possession of the proposed business premises & storage by the applicant. Besides, an amount towards the license fee for three years has to be paid. The amount can be paid either by DD, money order, or cash.

The Board, if it is satisfied concerning the suitability of the applicant, may issue a Rubber Dealer License in Form C initially for a timer period of three years. If the dealer wants to continue his business, the Rubber Dealer License has to be renewed after that (at present subsequent renewals are for 5 years). The application in the suggested form and the requisite fees have to be submitted before the expiry of license validity. The Rubber Board renews the License on receiving the application along with the prescribed license fee.

Penal Provisions by Rubber Board

Rubber Dealer License can be cancelled or revoked if the Rubber Board believes that the License was attained by misrepresentation of facts or frauds or in case the License owner fails to submit the returns or infringes any conditions of the License issued by the Board. Precaution can be initiated in case of any violation of the provisions of the Rubber Act.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This License is for those who want to purchase, sell, or deal in rubber.

No, this License is not transferable.

Every licensed dealer shall submit to the Rubber Board a valid & correct monthly return in Form H2 & L, giving the particulars of rubber stock held, disposed of, or acquired by the dealer.

Natural Rubber is a controlled commodity and the control is made effective by issuing licenses as suggested by the Rubber Act.

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