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Overview of Registration from Legal Metrology UP

The Department of Legal Metrology in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is constituted under the Ministry of Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures. The objective behind its establishment is to ensure accuracy, uniformity and standardisation of weights and measures that are used in commercial transactions or for protection in the hierarchy of standards provided by the Central Government as per the Legal Metrology act, 2009 by verifying and stamping. In addition to this, the department regulates and controls the trade in pre-packaged commodities by ensuring that such packages conform to the declarations and net quantity contained therein as provided by the Act and Rules made thereunder.

Benefits of acquiring Registration from Legal Metrology UP

Following are the benefits of obtaining Registration from the Legal Metrology Department of UP:

Reduction in Transaction Costs:

Poor measurement practices mainly result in costly and time-consuming activity, which negatively affects both consumers and businesses. It also hampers the goodwill and stability of the business, and on the other side, if the measurement is done correctly and accurately, then it results in consuming less cost and time.

Supporting Trade:

Legal Metrology of Uttar Pradesh controls any unlawful and unfair trade practices in its state of UP. Its objective is to ensure that measuring instruments are intact and in good working condition so that they serve their purposes and meet the set international standards.

Collecting Government Revenue:

The UP Government collects its revenue through excise duties imposed on manufactured, sold, imported and exported products. The department of Legal Metrology of UP ensures that justice is done to both businesses and the government in the payment of taxes.

Reduces Technical Barriers to trade:

It reduces the burden of technical barriers and promotes clarity of measurement. Few barriers maximise the nation’s morale and encourage businesses to participate in the global market, enhancing national economic growth. With its help, a business can ignore useless barriers in the process of adoption, application of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures.

Build consumer trust:

When the consumers know that they are buying or receiving a product registered under Legal Metrology Laws, it boosts their trust in the businesses and ultimately ends in a healthy trading relationship.

Documents Required for Registration under Legal Metrology UP

Following are the Documents required to obtain Registration from the Legal Metrology Department of UP:

  • Identity and address proof and photographs of the applicant or partners
  • Proof of date of birth of the applicant or partners
  • Documents related to ownership or tenancy of the premises
  • Partnership deed in case of a partnership firm
  • Model approval Certificate
  • NOC from Pollution Control Board, especially in the Taz Trapezium zone
  • List of tools and machinery used
  • Affidavit
  • PAN Card
  • GST Registration
  • Experience Certificate (in case of Repairer)

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Procedure to obtain Registration from Legal Metrology UP

Steps that are followed to obtain Registration from the Department of Legal Metrology of the UP State are as follows:

  • Applicant files the application form with the required Documents.
  • District Nodal Officer receives the application and forwards it.
  • Local Senior Inspector or Inspector inspects the premises and Documents.
  • The inspector, after inspecting the premises, forwards the inspection report to Assistant Controller.
  • The Assistant Controller reviews the application and the inspection report and, in the case of dealer and Repairer up to division level, issues Registration Certificate/License.
  • In the case of the Manufacturer and State Level Repairer, forwards the application to the State Controller, which issues a Registration Certificate or License for them after reviewing the application and inspection report.

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