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Registration of Garment Business entities under SPCB/SPCC

Entities dealing in garment business should get registration under State pollution Control Board/State Pollution Control Committee. They need to obtain NOC from SPCB. Obtaining Consent to Operate from the SPCB is necessary. Moreover factory license may also be required.

Garment Business in India

Garments are a part of our daily life. Garments are made from various fabrics and yarns. Its characteristic feature depends on the fibers used in their manufacture. Garments can be manufactured easily and are marketable in urban as well as in rural areas. The demand for garments have increased with urbanization of the cities. In different parts of India, people have their own style of wearing garments that symbolizes their culture and status.

The garment business has gone up across India with day to day changes in fashion. The textile industry occupies a special place in the Indian economy. Its presence in the Indian economy can be seen in terms of its contribution to the industrial production and generation of employment. The garment industry in India has caused the emergence of a highly profitable market for exports plus it also has a huge potential for generation of employment in rural and remote areas. In the last few years, the domestic demand has grown at a rapid pace. This encourages various entrepreneurs to consider the idea of setting up a garment business in India as it is not only the oldest form of business but also among the most profitable one.

Reasons for growing garment business in India

The growth of garment business in India can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Great abundance of raw material;
  • Presence of entire value chains;
  • Competitive manufacturing costs;
  • Availability of skilled workforce;
  • Huge and rising domestic market;
  • Growing per capita income, high disposable incomes and preferences for brands;
  • Organized retail landscape & e-Commerce;
  • Increased focus on technical textiles with the growth of end-user industries like automotive, healthcare, infrastructure and oil and petroleum.

Scope of improvement in garment industry in India

The garment industry needs to upgrade the value chain if it has to be competitive. To partner with the global value chain, there is need for a highly structured network. Global players can collaborate with big firms having adequate resources.

The Indian garment industry can move up in the value chain by upgrading the product and by producing high value products. There is a need for better and direct marketing as well as brand building. Although small firms have displayed adequate strength in upgrading their products, but their scores remain relatively poor.

With the increase in disposable income in India, the garment industry has a firm future as we advance. The manufacturers will be able to provide best products to the buyers by giving them value for their money when they upgrade their products and processes. Integrating with the global value chains can be beneficial. The goals and objective of the businesses can be met by setting up bigger firms along with support from government incentives for infrastructure.

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Garment business entities compliances under SPCB/SPCC

State Pollution Control Board Compliances

Every garment business entity needs to obtain SPCB-NOC from the respective SPCB/PCC where the place of business is located. For instance- If a garment business is set up in the state of Uttar Pradesh, then the entity needs to obtain clearance from State Board of UP.

Documents required to obtain NOC are as follows:

  1. Layout design;
  2. Information on the DG set, including the capacity;
  3. Solid waste, effluent hazardous wastes analysis report;
  4. Emission analysis reports;
  5. Demand draft should be made out to the appropriate pollution control authority.

How to obtain NOC from the concerned authority?

The following points should be noted to obtain NOC:

  1. Obtaining NOC is possible through online consent management and monitoring system;
  2. Consent to operate is essential for manufacturing under the environmental laws.
  3. Before NOC is awarded, the officer shall inspect the unit;
  4. The competent authority shall check the status of the pollution control measures/devices undertaken at the time of receiving the CTE and their structural adequacy;
  5. After providing the initial CTO, an inspection will be made again in 3 months to see if the industry complies with the Air and Water Pollution Rules;
  6. If such entity doesn’t comply, the license can be revoked or cancelled.

Factory Compliances

The garment business entity also needs to meet Factory compliances in the form of obtaining factory license.

Factory License

If there are more than 20 workers, then factory license should be obtained.

How to obtain factory license?

The following points should be noted to obtain factory license:

  1. Create applicant profile with the government website of the state;
  2. File application Form 1 and Form 2;
  3. Upload and attach Documents;
  4. Submit fees;
  5. Procure acknowledgement of Form 1 and 2;
  6. The authority will scrutinize the form and a physical inspection will be conducted;
  7. In case of no discrepancy, license will be issued.

We at Corpbiz have a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who will help you to meet compliances under SPCB/SPCC if you are setting up a garment business. Complete assistance will be provided in the application filing process and get advisory on the same. So, Contact Corpbiz today!

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