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An Overview of PHARMEXCIL Registration

PHARMEXCIL stands for Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India and is the statutory body for the promotion of pharmaceutical exports from India. It was established in 2004 under the purview of FTP (Foreign Trade Policy) by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India is governed by the aim of promoting high-quality manufacturing & export of pharmaceutical products in India. For this, one needs to apply for PHARMEXCIL Registration.

The activities of the PHARMEXCIL are governed by the Committee of Administration consisting of representatives from National Pharma Associations, Pharma Industry like IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association), IPA (Indian Pharmaceutical Association), ABLE (Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises) and Officials from different departments like Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, etc.


The PHARMEXCIL was set up with a mission:

  • To overcome the technical obstructions that are obstructing the export of the drugs;
  • To smoothen the Drug Registration process in the member nations;
  • To generate revenue streams for individuals by increasing the export opportunities & by emerging as an international hub for pharmaceutical products;
  • To launch national health protection schemes that will improve the efficiency & safety of the drugs;
  • To boost the council members' knowledge by providing operational advice & regulatory matters of the partnering countries.

List of Products and Services Provided by PHARMEXCIL

Following is the list of products & services provided by PHARMEXCIL:

  • Herbal or Ayurveda;
  • Nutraceuticals;
  • Unani;
  • FDF (Finished Dosage Forms);
  • Surgical Equipment;
  • Diagnostics;
  • Surgical Equipment;
  • Siddha;
  • API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients;
  • Homoeopathy.

It mainly undertakes promotional activities via international expositions, journals, trade fairs, furnishing, buyer-seller meets, providing trade statistics and other such activities. A lot of new pharmaceutical businesses get help from PHARMEXCIL in strengthening their base. Services like seminars on export-related issues & assistance in getting certificates & government benefits are of immense help to such new businesses. An export council member has the benefits of credibility while applying for working capital loans, business loans, trade finance, export bill credit, etc.

Benefits of Becoming a Member after getting PHARMEXCIL Registration

The PHARMEXCIL was mainly established to promote exports under the Export Promotion Councils, helping its members in a number of avenues. It not only provides vital trade information & statistics but also helps companies grow financially & technologically. Following are some important benefits of becoming a member after getting PHARMEXCIL Registration:

  • Trade enquiries from abroad are distributed to the member;
  • Like other EPCs (Export Promotion Councils), PHARMEXCIL also works with the Government in evaluating & framing policies for Pharmaceutical Exports;
  • Members of the PHARMEXCIL can avail of the benefits of the buyer-seller meets arranged in abroad or India;
  • MAI (Market Access Initiative) and MDA (Marketing Development Assistance) schemes run by the Government of India act as a catalyst for promoting the export of pharmaceutical companies to new markets;
  • A member partner can also avail benefits of market research, marketing initiatives, assistance in finding buyers or sellers in a market;
  • A member can avail benefit from the interactive sessions organised or supported by the Council on export-related issues;
  • International trading partners who have a Certificate of Origin (CoO), which is proof of meeting certain quality standards & organisation from a certain nation, are considered credible. An RCMC Certificate for pharmaceutical companies means that the registered company can obtain a Certificate of Origin if it meets certain quality criteria.

Vital Documents Required for PHARMEXCIL Registration

Following are some vital Documents required for PHARMEXCIL Registration:

  • Small Scale Manufacturer: A Small Scale Manufacturer needs to submit the following Documents along with the application form:
  • PAN Card of the company or person;
  • A Small Scale Industries (SSI) Certificate provided by the Director of Industries as a fulfilment towards the Industrial License;
  • Copy of the Drug License of the company;
  • A duly signed Document consisting of a brief of the company along with a company brochure;
  • IEC (Import Export Code) as per the guidelines of the DGFT in the name of the business entity.
  • Large Scale Manufacturer: Along with the application, a Large Scale Manufacturer is needed to submit the following Documents:
  • PAN Card of the company or person;
  • IEC (Import Export Code) as per the guidelines of the DGFT in the name of the business entity;
  • A certificate issued by the SIA (Secretariat for Industrial Assistance) as a part of the requirement for an Industrial License;
  • A duly signed Document consisting of a brief of the company along with a company brochure;
  • A copy of the Drug License of the company.
  • Merchant Exporter:
  • IEC (Import Export Code);
  • Copy of the Drug License of the company;
  • A duly signed Document consisting of a brief of the company along with a company brochure;
  • PAN Card of the company or person on whose name the certificate is requested.

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Application Procedure for PHARMEXCIL Registration

The individuals who are willing to become a member of PHARMEXCIL can contact us; our experts will help you in filling out the application form. For that, individuals should submit mandatory Documents along with three copies of signed & attested RCMC for the approval of the Registration Cum Membership Certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is compulsory for all exporters of Pharmaceutical Products to have a valid RCMC, which is issued by PHARMEXCIL under the guidelines of DGFT.

An applicant will have to fill out the application form and then a copy of the same, and 3 duly signed copies of RCMC rooted with the company's seal are to be sent to the PHARMEXCIL along with all the mandated Documents.

RCMC or Registration Cum Membership Certificate is a certificate that validates an exporter dealing with products registered with an organisation or agency that is authorised by the Indian Government.

According to the FTP (Foreign Trade Policy), an exporter is required to obtain an RCMC for availing of various benefits under the Policy.

Currently, there are 14 EPCs under the administrative control of the Department of Commerce.

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