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Overview of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board has been vested with considerable responsibility under various environmental laws to prevent pollution. MPPCB aims at maintaining Water, air and soil in healthy and usable conditions for different purposes. It is an authority under the MP State Government to regulate and implement various environmental laws in the State and to keep a check on environmental degradation.

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board is a statutory authority which was constituted on 3rd February 1975, initially under the Water Act and then later on 13th July 1982 under Air Act. The MPPCB was also entrusted with the powers and functions under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977 and the Environment Protection Act.

The MPPCB has been looking after the implementation of the following Acts/Rules:

  • Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act
  • Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act
  • Environment Protection Act
  • Public Liability Insurance Act
  • Madhya Pradesh Jaiv Anaashya Apashista (Niyantram) Act & Rules

The objective of the Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board

The followings are the objectives of the Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board:

  • To work on the concept of sustainable development that balances economic growth with social equity and environmental protection.
  • To control the prevention of natural resources.
  • To protect the environment with effective waste management.
  • To safeguard and improve the environment.
  • To convince people that pollution can be reduced by awareness and to ask them to use CFL, paper bags, and public transport and avoid using the firecrackers, plastic bags and non-biodegradable products.
  • Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board has laid down guidelines for industries and other establishments to reduce environmental pollution in the State.
  • To improve the environment completely through effective implementation of laws, rules and regulations.
  • To control pollution to its maximum extent.
  • To provide advice to the person or business in selecting the sites for the establishment of industry.
  • To identify the site and provide procedures for the development for disposal of harmful waste.
  • To provide appropriate advice to the Madhya Pradesh State Government regarding the prevention and control of air and water pollution.
  • To encourage the reuse and recycling of sewage and trade effluent.
  • To establish standards for discharge of water effluent and air emission.
  • To coordinate with local authorities and State Government in regard to the encouragement regarding the Common Effluent Treatment Plant and Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities.
  • To identify the location for disposal of hazardous waste.

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board Consent and registration

The individual or business entity that is involved in activity resulting in the discharge of effluents and emissions is required to obtain prior consent from the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board under the Water and Air Act. It is obtained to ensure that the activities adhere to the rules and regulations implemented by the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board. Non-adherence to such rules and regulations will compel the Board to initiate legal action.

For the consent, authorization or registration, the Board has categorized industries into three categories on pollution potential. The categorization is as follows:

  1. Red:High Pollution potential industries
  2. Orange:Moderate Pollution potential industries
  3. Green:Least Pollution potential industries

There are two types of consent as defined by the Board:

  1. Consent for Establishment

The consent for establishment is obtained before establishing any industry, operation or process.

  1. Consent for Operation

The consent for operation is obtained before the commission of industry and for the continuation of discharge of effluents and emissions.

Functions of the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board

The following are the main functions of the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board:

  • To provide recommendations on any matter related to the prevention and control of water and air pollution and the improvement of air quality.
  • Organizing consumer awareness programmes to prevent and control air and water pollution and waste management.
  • After collecting and compiling, and preparing statistical and technical data related to air and water pollution.
  • Lay down the standard of sewage and trade effluents and for emissions from an industrial plant, automobiles, health care units, etc.
  • Development of new technology for trade effluents, treatment of sewage and control equipment.
  • Issuance of consent certificates to industries falling under different categories.
  • Issuance of bio-medical, plastic, hazardous, battery and E-waste management Authorization to the industries and establishment.

Documents for Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board consent

The Documents required for filing an application to Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board are the following:

  • Aadhar Card and Pan card of Authorized person
  • Certificate of Incorporation (CIN), in case of a Private Company
  • PAN Card of the unit, in case of Partnership
  • Authorization letter except in case of Proprietorship
  • Proof of Ownership
  • CA Letter for total project cost
  • GST Certificate
  • Rent Agreement
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Utility Bill
  • Layout Plan/ Site plan
  • FSSAI Certificate, in case of food business

Procedure for Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board Consent

The consent by Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board is as per the Water and Air Act is obtained by following these steps:

Identification of Category and location

A new industry first has to identify the category (red, orange or green) under which it falls, as divided by the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board. The authorities select a suitable location to minimize the adverse impact of pollution.

Filing of Application

After selecting the appropriate and suitable location, the new industry applies for consent to the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board by submitting Documents with the requisite fee and fulfilling all the required conditions.


An officer of the Regional Office then inspects the application. Then he submits the inspection report to the Zonal office or the Head Office for further processing.

Additional information

If required, additional information will be submitted to the Zonal Office or the Head Office for further processing. After submission of additional information, the application will be proposed before the committee for recommendation and examination.

Issue of consent

The consent of the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board is issued within specified days.

Validity and renewal of the consent granted by MPPCB

The MPPCB consent for red and orange category industries will be issued for at least five years, and for green category industries, it is granted for at least ten years. After such time the consent needs to be renewed. The renewal of the consent is done by MPPCB only after ensuring that the conditions of such consent have been complied with and submission of annual periodical returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board is an organization entrusted with implementing environmental laws and rules within the State of Madhya Pradesh.

The Madhya Pradesh, Pollution Control Board, looks after the implementation of the following Act or Rules:
  • Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act
  • Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act
  • Environment Protection Act.
  • Public Liability Insurance Act
  • Madhya Pradesh Jai Anaashya Apashista (Niyantran) Act and Rule

The MPPCB has six zonal offices at Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain and Rewa, sixteen Regional Offices and one Sub-Regional Office.

MPPCB grants consent under section 26 of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, under section 21 of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act and under Rule 5 of the Hazardous and other waste (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules.

The MPPCB grants consent after conducting an inspection under sections 23 and 24 of the Water Act and Air Ac, respectively. Section 10 of the Environment (Protection) Act also needs to be complied with at the time of inspection.

The fees of MPPCB for different consent or authorization have been slashed up to 50% as notified by the Board on 27th January 2022.

The various standards set by the MPPCB are:
  • Air Quality Standards
  • Water Quality Standards
  • Vehicular Exhaust
  • Noise Standards and Rules
  • Bio-medical Incinerators
  • Auto fuel Quality
  • Industry-specific standards
  • Generator set.

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