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Overview of Registration from Legal Metrology Goa

Department of Legal Metrology under the Government of Goa relates to the units of weights and measures, methods of measurements and measuring instruments. It also regulates safeguards for the public. This department's objectives are to protect the consumer's interest and get a commodity in proper weights or measures for the value paid. 

The Department of Legal Metrology at Goa is a statutory body that functions under the following Acts and Rules:

  • The Standard of Weights and Measures Act, 1976
  • The Standard of Weights & Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977
  • The Standard of Weights & Measures (General) Rules, 1987
  • The Standard of Weights & Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 1985
  • The Goa Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 1987

Eligibility to acquire Registration from Legal Metrology Goa

Following are the eligibility criteria for obtaining Legal Metrology Registration from the Legal Metrology Department of Goa:

  • The applicant should be an Indian Citizen
  • The age limit of applicant must be 18 years or above
  • Applicant must be an individual or company registered under Government Act 
  • Applicant must be financially sound

Benefits of acquiring Legal Metrology Goa Registration 

The benefits of obtaining the Registration from the department of Legal Metrology Goa are as follows:

Reduction in Cost of transactions:

Revising bad measuring practices is often costly and time-consuming, affecting both consumers and businesses negatively. It also hampers the goodwill of the business, and on the other side, if the measurement is performed precisely, correctly and accurately as per the requirements of Legal Metrology Laws, then it results in reducing Cost and time. 

Supporting Trade:

Legal Metrology is involved in policing unfair and illegal trade practices. Its aim is to ensure that measuring instruments are in good working condition so that they fulfil their purposes and meet international standards. 

Obtaining Government funds:

Excise duties are imposed on products manufactured, sold, imported and exported as well as taxes on the measurements to generate money. The department of Legal Metrology of Goa ensures that no injustice is done against both businesses and the government in paying taxes. 

Reduces Trade Barriers at a technical level:

Legal Metrology reduces the burden of technical barriers and promotes or improves measuring clarity. Few barriers maximise national morale, encourage people to participate in the global commercial market, and enhance national economic growth. A business can, with its help, ignore useless barriers in the process of adoption, application and assessment of technical rules or regulations, standards & conformity assessment procedures.

Build consumer trust:

When consumers know that they are buying or receiving a product that is verified and registered under Legal Metrology Laws, it boosts their confidence and trust in the products and businesses and ultimately ends in a healthy trading relationship.

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Documents required for Legal Metrology Registration 

Documents required to obtain Registration/license from the Department of Legal Metrology Goa are as follows:

Other Documents such as:

  • Copied Certificates of approval by the Government of India
  • Security deposits 
  • Labour License
  • Lease, Rental or Ownership deed 
  • Original Skilled Worker Certificate is enclosed with the application
  • Proof of identity of the application
  • Signature 
  • Proof of financial status 
  • Site plan

Procedure in obtaining Registration from Legal Metrology Goa 

Following are the steps to obtain Registration from the Legal Department of Goa:

  • Applicant files application in the prescribed Application Form with all the required necessary papers.
  • Applicant submits the application along with the applicable fee to the receiving Authority
  • The Authority verifies the application and the Documents submitted along with it. Authority also inspects the premises.
  • After conducting a successful inspection and verification authority submits the report for final approval. 
  • After finding all the requirements suitable, Authority issues the License or Registration Certificate to the applicant.
  • The validity of this Registration is for a minimum period of one year and can be renewed afterwards. 

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