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Land Verification and Acquisition Services

When it comes to land development, there are a number of operations that need be completed before beginning construction on the property. To avoid this, Connect with the Corpbiz now for land verification and Due diligence.

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Overview on Land Verification and Acquisition Services

There are numerous Laws apart from the local laws enacted by the central government of India, which govern verification, ownership, and acquisition of Property. The acquisition of Land shall be considered the first step for the real estate projects, in case of the processing of examining the title and acquiring the Land is not given due consideration. However, many disputes arise due to the conflict on the entitlement of Land. In India, many infrastructure projects are delayed due to several factors. Nonetheless, the most common factor is a land dispute during the commencement of any real estate project. Whenever any land is purchased the due diligence shall have to be performed to determine the land ownership and title of the said Land

The land title verification process in India and why a Land survey is required for Businesses?

  • The title verification on Land is performed to decide whether the title is marketable and good, by finding and scrutinizing the history of ownership of Land up to the last 30 years. 
  • The rules and regulations mentioned below specify the consideration same must be made during the verification of title on the Land. When conducting title verification on Land. Following steps need to be taken:
  • The area and the property owner are determined using the land survey. Several states digitized the land records. 
  • In case no records regarding Land are found, a request can be made by applying to the sub-registrar's office. 

When we talk about the commencement of development work on Land, there are some activities associated with the Land which should be done before commencing the construction on Land. These are pre-construction activities, including land title, verification, and surveying, demarcation, contouring, and fencing. 

Types of Land surveys:

  • ALTA survey
  • Boundary survey
  • Location survey
  • Subdivision survey
  • Site-planning survey
  • Construction survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Land Demarcation 

What is Land demarcation?

Land demarcation is the operation that separates the Land and establishes the boundaries between the properties. Demarcation of Land can be done out of court, or it can be obligatory for the courts in case of owner disputes. The property owner who is registered bears the title on the Property. The title on the Property is based on the plan, which shall be prepared by the department of lands and survey on a scale, providing the opportunity to examine the boundaries of the properties through the demarcation of the whole Land or part of per metric line. 

What is Land Contouring?

The determination of elevation of various sites on the terrain and positioning these points of the same horizontal positions inside the contour map is known as contouring in menstruation. A contour could be a birds-eye perspective over a large area of Land. The main goal of contour surveys is to find any apparent differences in elevation on the current terrain. A contour map inland menstruation containing contour lines, such as a geographic map, displays valleys and hills and the gradient or slopes. A contour map is extremely useful since it provides essential information about terrains. Any engineering project, such as a road, a railway, a canal, a dam, or a structure, begins with a contour survey. 

What is Land Fencing? 

Fencing means boundary. The fencing of Land prevents the intrusion of Land by other people or other agencies. In addition, cemented walls are built around the area, along with a notice board that reads, "This property belongs to (owner of property/business name)."

Who can apply for setting up the factory?

So, any manufacturing unit, production unit, and industry involved in the hazardous activity can obtain authorization.

Documents required For Land verification and Acquisition services

  • KYC Documents of the Purchaser of Land and the person who is taking on rent
  • Land paper (chain of documents)
  • Map of the Land
  • Topo map
  • Ownership, land share, encumbrance
  • certificate, pending land disputes, and occupancy rights
  • Details of transactions involving the property include the price of land paid by the current owner (Form VI D of the village)
  • Legitimate descendants of property owners who passed away. (village Form VI C)
  • The total no. of landowners in a particular area ( Form VIII-A)
  • Details about the property’s title adjustment. (Form VI or mutation)
  • Agriculture or non-agricultural property ascertainment documents. 
  • Easement rights.

The process from title verification of Land till fencing

  • Before the site visit, the client should share the actual land dimension and other relevant information.
  • Deployment of liaison officer to coordinate with the authorities like NHAI, Tourism department if the Land belongs to tourism, Patwari & revenue inspectors (Tehsildars).
  • Compare the size of the Land proposed on the map to the real size of the Property.
  • To finalize the area obtained from the entire piece of land for construction, share the pictures and photographs with the client.
  • Examine crucial indicators such as land encroachment and other potential hazards.
  • Arrange for a second patwari visit to inspect the field and obtain khasra number information and revenue inspectors (Tehsildar) if necessary.
  • In the event of encroachment, attempt to gather source papers for the party claiming land ownership and submit them to the client. If the other party refuses to release the documents, the customer takes additional action.
  • Arrange for a second surveyor visit for land contouring and data gathering, and submit the same information to the customer.
  • Arrange for a contractor to come out & measure the Land and install fencing (commercials for building work).
  • Arrange a contractor to come to the location to install signboards. 

How will Corpbiz assist you? 

  • Corpbiz will help in preparing documents 
  • Assist in inspection of documents of the Property 
  • Assist in due diligence 
  • Assist in land verification 
  • End-to-end service 

Frequently Asked Questions

Corpbiz is an end-to-end service provider. Corpbiz will help you in due diligence and land verification of immovable properties.

There are three common methods for acquiring Land: The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement Act of 2013 was used to acquire the Land. Negotiations with the landowners are held in private.

The Land Acquisition Procedure. The Land Acquisition Act mandates that procedures be conducted by a government-appointed officer known as the Land Acquisition Collector. The Land Acquisition Collector's proceedings are administrative, not judicial or quasi-judicial.

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