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Overview of Investor Pitch Deck

Before thinking about raising money for your business, an entrepreneur must have an impressive Investor Pitch deck. The key component for the financing process is the Investor Pitch deck. It gets potential investors moved about your business idea and engages them in a conversation about your business which positively results in an investment.

An Investor Pitch Deck is a presentation that assists potential investors to know more about your business. The Investor pitch deck is also termed as a pitch deck or start-up pitch deck. It illustrates the business and its potential success in an easy manner through the slides so that the investor can understand the business potential.

An Investor Pitch deck presentation consists of various slides that help the entrepreneur to tell more about its business.The content of the pitch deck can be put together by using general software like PowerPoint, or by using an advanced tool like Visme for creative presentation.

What is the purpose of an Investor Pitch Deck?

An Investor Pitch Deck is a slide presentation intends to give a summary of your company, your business plan, and your vision. An Investor Pitch deck presentation serves various purposes, i.e. from reaching out to a new investor, to presenting a pitch in front of a potential investor. The way of presenting the pitch can be different depending upon the entrepreneur.

Through an appreciable pitch deck, an investor gets a brief about the business idea and will get connected to your business or startup ideas which results in investment in your company. Investor Pitch deck presentation is done during in-person or in online meetings with the potential customer.

What are the Key Slides that must cover in the Investor Pitch Deck?

Before funding, the Investor Pitch deck presentation is the first thing that an investor will see to know more about the company. Investments are not made after just one meeting, the goal of the entrepreneur is to prepare a solid pitch deck which is a critical step for funding and results in creating interest in the eyes of the investor.

The requisites for the Investor Pitch deck vary from investor to investor, authors, venture capitalists, and startups founders. An investor pitch deck shall cover the following key contents in the presentation slides-

  • Business Model

    A business model represents a company’s overview that describes the basics of how a company will generate, delivers, and captures value, in economic, social, cultural, or other contexts. Business model construction is also called a business model innovation that forms a business strategy.

  • Vision and mission of the company

    The entrepreneur shall present a good mission or vision of the company. The vision and mission of the company explains-

    • The Value proposition of the business.

    • Objectives of the company

    • Functions of the company.

    • Management of the company.

  • Product

    Product slide in the presentation is where you present the actual product or service your business is offering. Product slides include pictures of the products from different angles. However, if the product is an application, online tools, or service, include the screenshots that highlight its most unique features.

  • Market Size

    The market size determines that the business will get funding or not. If the entrepreneur is operating in a small market, investors might find that the potential Return on investment is too risky to fund. By stating the market size, you can project your future performance. Market size helps the potential investors that are going through your pitch deck presentation. In this way, they can see your growth opportunity in the market.

  • Problem

    The key section of the investor pitch deck is explaining the problem slide in the presentation.This slide covers a way to explain what gap a business is filling in the market. It provides the opportunity to present the problem that exists.

  • Solution

    After stating the problem, the next slide shall be the solution that the business is offering. The solution needs to be concise and very clear. The best strategy is to offer multiple solutions and choosing the best possible solutions to the problem presented.

  • Competition

    A slide is the best idea to tell the investor about the competitors that the business is having in the market. The slide should present that how you will compete with your competitor?

    The slide shall show how much capital each competitor has already raised in the past and at what valuation. This could help the business in providing some perspective of how much the market is paying that will help the business in negotiating the terms of the deal or proceeding with a potential investment.

  • Team Support

    The team support is probably one of the most important slides in any investor pitch deck. The investor wants to know who the team is working and what makes them unique to accomplishtheir mission and vision. The best way to exhibit the team slide is by illustrating the members of the leadership team. The team slide shall list in the achievements of every member.

  • Milestone to achieve and financial projection

    Financial projection is the estimation of the future financial performance of a business.Forecasting and working on the company's financial projections is one of the most important factorsin the investor pitch deck.Presenting the milestone helps the investors to know what the event is and when they can expect it to have been achieved.Milestone ispart of the financial projections and part of a Business Plan.

  • Use of Funds

    Use of funds includes what the business has raised and what the business is planning to raise the funds. The Use of funds includes an estimate of the Working Capital requirement i.e. the amount of capital the business needs in hand to pay the expenses while you are establishing the business.

What are the Advantages of the Investor Pitch Deck?

  • It is a well-organized framework for creating a small business plan
  • Investor Pitch deck can be updated and modified for multiple purposes and period depending upon the need for funding.
  • Creates a marketing roadmap for the business.
  • Investor Pitch deck provides an executive summary of the business and defines the management objective.
  • Increase clarity in the mind of potential investors.
  • Helps in tailoring the business objective to specific spectators and investors.

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What is the Checklist that the Entrepreneur Must Consider Before Connecting with the Potential Investors?

  • Create a target list of the potential customer
  • Prepare a strategic planning procedure
  • Business Plan
  • Developing the financial model
  • Drafting the milestones to be achieved.
  • Identifying the problems and summarizing the problem that a business can solve.
  • Creating an Investor Pitch deck and presentation.
  • Drafting the executive summary
  • Preparing the elevator pitch
  • Interact with the investor face to face.
  • Capturing the feedback and working on the related issues.

What Documents are required for Investor Pitch Deck?

The Documents required for Investor Pitch Deck are-

  • Business Plan

    The Business plan acts as a self-governing Executive Summary of the business plan. A business plan is a written Document of the business’s future, it tells what the business plan to do and how you plan to do it. The Executive summary is an overview of the business that will help the potential investor to know more about the business and can share the same with their respective partners.

  • Technical Documents

    In case the entrepreneur starting the technology-based company or a medical company, an investor can ask for the Documents related technology they are using. Investors can check potential technology with an expert. It is required to provide additional details, paper works, and working of the company.

  • Documents related to financial matters

    Every business must have financial forecasting of the business. The potential investor interested in the business will require detailed financial forecasts for the coming years. The investor can get an understanding of the fundamental assumptions that are operating the forecast.

  • Other Documents

    Investors want to see the plans and respective Documents related to recruitment and the expenses related to employee,Research & Development, manufacturing, and marketing expenses. The Entrepreneur shall provide a detailed sales and profit and loss forecast report to the investor.

  • Details on the target market

    Details on the target market provide relevant data that helps the entrepreneur to resolve the issues. The investor can ask for such details on the target market.

How Corpbiz helps in preparing an Investor Pitch Deck?

  • Raise the query
  • Get a Callback
  • Submit the requisite Documents
  • Follow up of the progress
  • Get the output.

Why Corpbiz?

  • Corpbiz has a team of experts that provides a careful research on the business requirement. It helps its client in analyzing their business and the industry work.
  • Prepare the business plan and puts emphasis on perfection.
  • Proper analysis of business and market trends
  • Guidance in preparation and presentation of pitch deck slides.
  • Imparting training for delivering the proper pitch
  • It helps in illustrating the prospects of the entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • It works seamlessly to deliver the perfect investor pitch deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Investor Pitch Deck is a presentation that assists potential investors to know more about your business. The Investor pitch deck is also termed as a pitch deck or start-up pitch deck. It illustrates the business and its potential success in an easy manner through the slides so that the investor can understand the business potential.

An investor pitch deck must not be longer than 20 slides. It should be in a concise form. However, less than 10 slides would suggest that the pitch is lagging.

  • The investor deck shall limit each slide to express the aim of the business.
  • Keep the potential investor and audience on the same page.
  • The presentation should be consistent i.e. Use the same font, size, color, and format overall slides of the investor pitch deck.
  • The pitch deck shall be precise.
  • The Entrepreneur shall be prepared for presentation.

The start-up pitch deck is a short demonstration that provides investors with a summary of the business, i.e. it helps in identifying -whether it is exhibiting the product, sharing the business model, providing an analysis of the legalstrategy.

  • Bring in the elevator speech.
  • Research the potential investor and audience.
  • Use realistic data
  • Tell a pleasant story.
  • Prepare a Documented succession plan.
  • Prepare for success plan.
  • Prepare the revenue model.
  • Conclusion

  • Business Background and experience in the industry. 
  • The idea or product needs to be unique.
  • Successful business model.
  • Large market size.

Below mentioned are the types of pitch deck-

  • Twitter Pitch
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Competition Pitch
  • Investor Pitch

In general, the pitch deck includes-

  • Demo Deck
  • Normal pitch deck
  • Meeting the pitch
  • Information deck
  • Metrics deck.

The perfect Investor pitch deck addresses the problem in advance and show the current position of the market. The investor pitch deck explains that the solution is better than the problem. It further displays some initial traction and future projections of the business.

Investor Pitch deck templates are important because along with the presentation, it helps an investor decide whether to keep considering the business for investment or to show that they are not interested.It is important the content of the pitch deck flows well. An investor pitch deck needs to be pleasant enough for an investor to take the next step.

A business pitch deck reflects an overview of your business plan to the audience and potential investors. Business pitch deck displays a pitch deck to potential investors and clients, business partners, and board members.

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