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Overview of IIP UN Mark Certificate

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) is a supreme body established by the packaging and allied industries with the Ministry of Commerce under the Government of India in 1966. The main objective of such a body is to improve the country’s packaging standards. It is an independent body under the administrative control of the Ministry of Commerce. 

IIP UN Mark Certificate is primarily known as the UN Certificate, which is issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) for packages containing hazardous or dangerous goods for transportation. It is issued only after conducting tests of the package samples as per the UN Standards for transportation. The shipment of packages must be reasonably capable of resisting under all forms of climatic environments, any possibilities occurring during transportation, leakproof, etc. An effective and competent procedure is required to follow all international transport standards properly. A UN packaging code is displayed on the shipped packages, and such code describes the package type. It reveals that the packaging has passed the tests as per the set UN Standards for packages containing hazardous and dangerous goods. 

The Director-General of Shipping and Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the Government of India has launched this IIP UN Mark Certificate. Such Certificate is mandatorily required for transportation of all types of hazardous and dangerous goods by Air and Sea. Such Certified packaging carries a UN Mark to ensure that only certified packages of goods are loaded on the aircraft or vessel. Such Certificates are issued against the manufacturers of packages for the manufacture of any number of packages after satisfactory testing of the sample packages. The validity period is when the production of packages with the exact specifications, product annexure, net and gross weight, mode of shipment and exporter is allowed. 

Types of packages under IIP UN Mark Certificate

Types of packages which are tested at IIP for the UN Certificate are as follows:

  • 1A1: Metal Drums and Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1A2: Metal Drums and Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1H1: Plastic Drums and Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 1H2: Plastic Drums and Barrels (Removable Head Type).
  • 1G: Fibre Board Drums (Removable Head Type).
  • 3H1: Plastic Jerrican.
  • 4C1: Wooden Box.
  • 4D: Plywood Box.
  • 4G: Corrugated Fibre-board Box.
  • 5H3: Woven Sack Bags.
  • 5M2: Paper Bags.
  • 6HA1: Plastic and Steel Composite Drums & Barrels (Non-Removable Head Type).
  • 13H3: FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (Woven Jumbo Bags).
  • 31HA1: IBC Tanks – Intermediate Bulk Container (1000 Litre Capacity Plastic Tank with Steel Cage and Wooden or Steel Plastic Pallet).

Classes of Dangerous or Hazardous Goods 

There is a total of nine classes of dangerous or hazardous goods, which are as follows:

  • Class 1: Explosive, such as gunpowder, firework
  • Class 2: Gases like carbon monoxide, propane
  • Class 3: flammable liquids such as petrol, paint
  • Class 4: flammable solids such as sulphur, magnesium powder
  • Class 5: Oxidising substances and organic peroxide like sodium nitrate, zinc peroxide
  • Class 6: Toxic and infectious substances like barium cyanide and arsenic
  • Class 7: Radioactive material like uranium hexafluoride
  • Class 8: Corrosive substances like potassium hydroxide
  • Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances or articles such as plastic moulding compounds or medical kit

Benefits of IIP UN Mark Certificate

Following are the benefits of obtaining the IIP UN Certificate:

  • It enhances the quality and standardisation of industrial packaging.
  • It promotes and facilitates the international acceptance of industrial packaging. 
  • Customisation of packaging of hazardous and dangerous products as per the customer or industry standards.
  • It facilitates the handling and transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods by international norms.
  • Insisting that hazardous and dangerous imported products be appropriately packed and secure during shipment and distribution to survive harsh conditions. 

Necessary Papers Required for IIP UN Mark Certificate

Following are the necessary papers required for IIP UN Certification:

  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Import-Export Code (IEC)
  • PAN card
  • Certificate of Incorporation (only if applicable)
  • MOA and AOA (only if applicable)
  • Partnership Deed (only if applicable)
  • Identity proof of authorised person/s
  • Contact details including phone number and email IDof the company 
  • Email ID & phone number of Authorised person/s
  • ISO Certificate
  • Copy of cancelled cheque
  • MSDS Certificate of goods
  • Severity as per Packaging Group
  • Types of state of products to be shipped as solid, liquid or gas
  • Exporter’s name
  • Quantity of samples for testing

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Procedure for IIP UN Mark Certificate

Steps to be followed at the time of obtaining IIP UN Certification:

  • Application

The applicant makes an application to the Indian Institute of Packaging with all the relevel information and the required necessary papers. 

  • Payment 

At the time of making such an application, the applicant also has to make payment of the requisite fees to the Indian Institute of Packaging. 

  • Testing 

The sample is sent to the IIP office’s authorised Lab for testing on certain packaging parameters. The sample is sent using the courier, transport, customer and marketing.  

  • Certification

With the issue of the Test Report and UN IIP Certificate, the UN Mark number is also generated by the department against the applicant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the UN, dangerous or hazardous goods are solids, liquids or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property or the environment.

Directorate General of Shipping (Ministry of Surface Transport) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Ministry of Civil Aviation) under the Indian Government have authorised the IIP, Indian Institute of Packaging, to issue UN Certification.

The validity of the IIP UN Mark Certificate is 18 months for ISO-certified manufacturers and nine months for such manufacturers who are not ISO-certified.

The essential requirement or purpose of UN Certification is that there must be a universal system for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous or hazardous goods to facilitate their safe transport under national and international regulations governing road, rail, sea and air transport based on the UN system. Under such regulations, the packaging must meet the minimum standards for the carriage of dangerous and hazardous goods. If they pass the test, packaging will be considered as meeting the requirements and marked accordingly.

The UN Mark is a mark indicating that packaging has been UN tested and certified.

IIP Laboratories are recognised by the Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIROS) under the Department of Science and Technology.

The IIP Laboratories are located in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

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