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An Overview of BOCW Maharashtra Registration

Building and Construction workers are among the vulnerable sections of the labour forces in India and many such workers belong to the unorganised. Approximately every state in India has constituted BOCW Welfare Board, which is responsible for formulating various welfare schemes for the construction workers. In Maharashtra, BOCW Welfare Board is known as MAHA BOCW. This MAHA BOCW works towards improving the quality of life of construction workers by implementing numerous schemes. Moreover, it has an official website that enables workers to register with this board, apply for the BOCW Maharashtra Registration, Welfare Schemes, and access various facilities online.

What is MAHA BOCW?

The Central Government of India launched the Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment & Condition of Service) Act, 1996, intended to regulate the employment & service conditions of the building & other construction labourers or workers. Under the Act, the Government of Maharashtra passed the Maharashtra Building and Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment & Condition of Services) Rules, 2007. It established the Maharashtra BOCW Welfare Board with 5 Government representatives.

Objectives of Maharashtra BOCW Board

    Following are some primary objectives of the Maharashtra BOCW Board:

  • Raise the living standards of the construction workers or labourers across the state;
  • Various welfare schemes have been implemented to grant them health, social, and financial benefits;
  • With its online website, the registration process has been simplified;
  • There is easy access to the claim form for the beneficiaries;
  • Use of the DBT mode to transfer the scheme funds to the beneficiaries;
  • It intends to increase the operational efficiency of the board.

Checklist for BOCW Maharashtra Registration

  1. Every employer who hires 10 or more than 10 workers in any building or other construction work must obtain BOCW Registration Certificate;
  2. In case of offline mode, application in triplicate in Form-XII;
  3. Challan copy as per the number of workers;
  4. The employer can also apply for the Establishment Registration online.

Documents Required for BOCW Maharashtra Registration

Following are some vital Documents required for the registration of BOCW in Maharashtra:

  1. Age proof (If you don’t have any age proof, then submit self-declaration);
  2. Residence proof;
  3. Aadhar Card (if available);
  4. Details of the bank account such as IFSC or RTGS Number, account number, and bank branch;
  5. Details of dependents & employer's Certificate of working for 90 days as construction worker & nomination form.

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Online Procedure for BOCW Registration

Following is the online procedure for BOCW Maharashtra Registration:

Step 1:The employer who wants this registration needs to register first on the official website of Maharashtra BOCW. To register, you need to create a new login id using an email id.

Step 2:After creating a login id, you need to fill in the Basic Information Proforma in which all information regarding the Establishment, such as the address of the Establishment, details of workers or labourers, details of employer or occupier, construction details and Declaration are required.

Step 3:After that, you need to arrange all the Documents in the prescribed format & size and attach them to the application form.

Step 4:Then, you need to pay the applicable fees online or offline at your convenience.

Step 5: If the application form and all the Documents are as per the norms & guidelines, then the Certificate is issued.

Note: Applicants can regularly check the application status online, and all-important updates will be sent on the registered mobile numbers & email IDs.

Punishment/Penalty for Violation of the Provision of the BOCW Act

  • 1. Under Section 26 of the Act, when an employer doesn't give a commencement notice of the building or construction work, then the employer shall be punishable with a sentence for a term which may be extended to 3 months or a fine which may extend to Rs. 2,000/- or both.
  • 2. Whoever knowingly rejects to submit any Document on being asked by the Inspector in pursuance of this Act or rejects or tries to stop /does anything else by a reason to believe that he or she is trying to prevent any person or individual from being checked by an Inspector & prevents the Inspector to act in pursuance of their duty under the Act will be punishable for three months of jail, or with a fine which can extend up to Rs. 1,000/- or with both.
  • 3. Whoever interferes with the Inspector at the time of discharge of his duty under the Act or neglects or rejects to support the Inspector with any reasonable facility for making any inspection, inquiry as sanctioned by/under the Act in reference to any organisation shall be punishable with imprisonment/jail for a period which may be extended to 3 months or fine up to Rs. 1,000/- or both.

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