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An overview on Annual Filing of E-waste

E-waste means electronic waste. E-waste are the electronic products that are said to be unwanted, discarded, and not in use. Some examples of e-waste are computers, TVs, stereos, photocopy machines, printers, mobile phones, etc. As per the E-waste management rules, 2016, the meaning of E-waste is any electrical or any electronic equipment, which is discarded or not in use, and the same has been rejected by the manufacturing and refurbishing industry.

Annual filing

Quarterly and annual filing of e-waste shall be filed by the dismantlers, Recyclers, and PRO to State pollution control board and Centre Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
Who are eligible for annual filing?

So, the Recyclers, dismantlers, and PRO are eligible for annual filing to SPCB and CPCB.


Under the E-waste manifest, the recyclers, dismantlers, and PRO names and addresses shall be enumerated under the E-waste manifest. The authorization no. is required, type of vehicle, name, and address of the transporter, registration no, description of e-waste, etc.

The sender will keep one copy when the transporter signs it, and the transporter will carry the other three copies. 2nd copy (Pink) after the transporter's signature, the receiver is to keep it. Copy 3 (Orange) is to be kept by the transporter once the signature has been taken. Copy 4 (Green) is to be signed and returned to the sender by the recipient.


Form-2 is for maintaining records of E-waste handling/generated, generated Quantity in Metric Tonnes (MT) per year. The name & address of the Producer/manufacturer/refurbisher/collection centre/dismantler/recyclers and bulk consumers are enumerated in the form. The date of issue of EPR authorization and registration must be mentioned in the form. The types & Quantity of e-waste handled/generated and the types & Quantity of e-waste stored, types & Quantity of e-waste transported, types & Quantity of e-waste sent to recyclers by dismantlers, etc. All the relevant information should be incorporated in form-2.

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What are the Documents required for annual filing of E-waste?

The below Documents are needed:

  • Form-6: E-waste manifest
  • Form-2 required for maintaining records of E-waste handled, dismantled and recycle
  • Requirement of Dharma Kanta, receipt, and pictures of the vehicle displaying their registration no. as proof of transportation of e-waste.
  • E-way bill required 
  • Detailed information of different items (category wise) after the segregation 
  • All the transaction details of funds as proof that dismantled e-waste will be recycled in future 
  • Requirement of authorization certificate in original form. 
  • The passbook should be original. 
  • The consent to operate should be original. 
  • Authorization under Hazardous & other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 for disposal of Hazardous and other wastes. 

Process for Annual filing of E-waste

The Annual filing of E-waste shall be submitted in SPCB and CBPB. The file should be verified & duly signed and endorsed by the CPCB and SPCB. Connect with Corpbiz to get instant service on annual filing of E-waste. 

How will Corpbiz assist you?

  • Corpbiz can assist you in paper works
  • Consultation from our professional team
  • Arranging and providing the required Documents 
  • End-to-end service 

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