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GST Registration

GST Registration is applicable if the supply turnover of all Indian service providers, including all sorts of freelancers as well as traders and manufacturers crosses Rs.20 lakh, since 1st April, 2017..

  • Get Free Advisory for GST Rates
  • Get in Direct call with a CA Monthly and quarterly Returns
  • Guidance on how to raise invoice
  • Challan payment options
  • Regular reminder for GST returns
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GST Return Filing

It is a document which has to be filed with the tax authorities as per the law. A taxpayer must file at least three tax returns monthly and one tax return must be submitted annually as per the GST law..

  • Collection of Information
  • Preparation of Returns
  • Filing of the Returns
  • The GST return will be prepared and ready for you at no time at all
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TDS Return Filing

TDS which is the abbreviation for Tax Deducted at Source is the advance tax paid by entity/ individual responsible for making payments of professional fee, contract payments, salary, interests, royalt..

  • File your TDS return before due date
  • Filing return
  • Collection of Information
  • Preparing return
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Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax is a form of taxation which is applicable to all salaried professionals, which include employees and chartered accountants, doctors as well as lawyers. These are the states in India w..

  • Data verification
  • Connect with the Vendors
  • Tax Number Receipt
  • Full assistance and free consultation over the call
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Secretarial Audit

With the Increasing compliance in the corp-orates and to keep an eye on the compliance made under law by the corp-orates. Government has introduced the concept of secretarial Audit under Companies Act..

  • On call discussion about various requirements
  • 60 days EAT
  • Review of end to end compliance
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