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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar
About Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar is working as a content writer with Corpbiz, a Chartered Accountancy firm helping Startup & companies in setting up the business and complying with various tax laws applicable to Indian & foreign companies while establishing their business.

Impact of GST on Tourism Industry

Impact of GST on tourism Industry is hitting hard our Indian economy. GST introduction and its successive amendments have received both praise and criticisms. Tourism is one such industry that has to bear the ups and downs of the GST Act. Tourism alone is contributing a large chunk of global earnings by being the third-largest […]

How Following NBFC Compliances Can Save You From Imprisonment

NBFC Compliances are one of the pillars of the successfulness of its business. It is a fact that every NBFC applicant has to face the hurdles at the time of registration. The NBFC compliances are regulated by RBI. NBFC’s like Mahindra and Mahindra Finance Company, Bajaj Finserv or LIC[1] housing Finance Limited had ridden the […]

Do You Know About Income Tax For NRI in India: 10 Minutes Read

The Indian economy moves with the help of tax. The tax collected from the citizen is used to build roads, hospitals, school and to provide other amenities to the general public. It is the core foundation of the Indian economy eventually. The tax collected from resident or non- resident it doesn’t make any difference to […]

How Offences & Penalties Under GST Can Put In Trouble?

Offences and penalties under GST are not really known by everybody. It is a fact that when you fell down in this situation then only you come to know about it. Today in this article we will explain to you about the consequences you may face if you ignore offenses and penalties under GST. So, […]

What Are Income Tax Slabs Rate?

Today in this article we will discuss the Income-tax Slabs Rate for Financial Year 2018-19, 2017-18 and 2016-17.Short Brief-– No tax for Individual – less than Rs 2,50,000– 0%-5%- Income Rs 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh for different age groups– 20%- Income Rs 5 lakh to 10 lakh– Investment up to Rs 1.5 lakh under […]

Are You Aware Of The Liabilities Under GST In Case Of Death And Dissolution?

It is a myth that with the dead bodies all sins and goods are buried behind. No, some left!Today, in this article we will discuss the facts on GST in case of death and dissolution of the taxpayer. In our previous article, we have cover offenses ad liabilities under GST.So, the very first point that […]

Income From Other Sources- Do You Also Have?

Income from other sources- All income other than income earned from salary, house property, business, and profession or capital gains, etc. are covered under ‘Income from other sources’. Today in this article, we will explain you to understand income from other sources. If you want to understand the residual component of your income and what will […]

FAQ on Private Limited Company Registration in India- 7 minutes read

FAQ on Private Limited Company – today in this article we will brief you about the private company with the help of  FAQ on Private Limited Company. Q1.  What is a Private Limited Company? The utmost typed question in the FAQ on the private limited company is a what is private limited company. A private […]

The Untapped Gold Mine of Sin Tax That no One Knows About

A sin tax is a kind of sales tax or excise tax imposed on the products that are harmful to society.  Basically, it is imposed to discourage consumers from using harmful goods or services that are claim as undesirable or detrimental to society. A sin tax is witnessed with two objectives. Firstly, to make the […]

How GST in India Differs with GST in Other Countries

GST in India is always a hot topic to discuss and if we talk about its comparison with other countries it becomes hotter. Today in this article we will discuss the GST in India vs GST in other Countries. But, let just put some light on the history of the GST. Brief History of GST- […]

How Form 15G and 15H Helps To Save TDS on Interest Income

Form 15G and 15H are submitted to save the interest income earned to be deducted in the name of TDS. TDS means Tax Deducted at the source. Today, we will discuss how Form 15G and Form 15H helps to save TDS on Interest Income earned. The concept of TDS was introduced with an object to […]

How to e-Verify your (ITR) Income Tax Return Filing

The date of filing your income tax return is coming closer, and it might be haunting you to file it on time. Being a salaried individual, you need to file your ITR on time and also verify the ITR filing. Without the verification of your Income Tax returns, the Income-tax Department will not process your […]

How to File TDS Return For The 2018-19 Year

TDS Return filing is done after deducting the TDS in your Income-tax filing. TDS or Tax Deducted at source is a source of collection of tax by the government of India at the time of transaction placed.  Any company or person making a payment is required to deduct tax at the source and file the […]

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