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FSSAI License

Get the FSSAI application code in justseven days and the license in 60 days only! Just fill in this online application form.

  • Basic FSSAI Registration: For annual sales < 12 lakh
  • State Registration: For annual sales of 12 lakh - 20 Crore
  • Central Registration: For annual sales > 20 crores
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MSME Registration

SSI, which stands for Small Scale Industries and the MSME, which stands for Medium Enterprises, can apply for registration under the MSMED Act. This is not a mandatory practice and businesses are not..

  • Check the data
  • Connect with the vendors
  • License Receipt
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IEC Code Registration

Import Export Code (IEC) is issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce.

  • Check the data
  • Connect with the vendors
  • License Receipt
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ISO Registration

ISO is an international organization that exists to help in developing trade and to facilitate innovation. The main purpose of getting an ISO certification is to improve the standardization of technol..

  • Perfect for maintaining the quality and the standards
  • At affordable prices starting at just Rs.5,984 with a 40% off on cost!
  • Get your registration in less than 15 days!
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Due Diligence

Due diligence is usually conducted by investors to check for regulatory and process compliance by the company on a regular basis.

  • Scope framing for due diligence.
  • Regulatory & Compliance check.
  • Liaising with Govt. Authority.
  • Review of Books on Accounts & Risk assessment.
  • Turnaround time 60 Working days.
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NGO Registration

A Non-Governmental Organization, popularly known as NGO is a unit that operates independently without the aid of government with a particular aim towards the welfare of public, a social agenda, child..

  • Service Selection
  • Documents Required
  • Entity Registration
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EPF Registration

Employees Provident fund is basically a retirement benefit or to secure the employee in case of unemployment, old-age, sickness etc which is available t all the employees.

  • Sons who have not attained majority.
  • Sons of a deceased son who have not attained majority.
  • Married daughters, whose husbands are not alive.
  • Married daughters of a deceased son, whose husbands are not.
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CE Certification

People often think that getting a CE certification is very tough and marinated with complicated regulations. But, actually getting a CR certification is a very easy task you can easily get your CE cer..

  • Designing a product that touches relevant standards
  • Making a Technical File
  • Building a Declaration of Conformity
  • Hunt out a professional EC REP to serve as your partner
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BIS Registration

The Full form of BIS is Bureau of Indian Standards and BIS Registration means for the third party a guarantee of the safety, quality, and reliability of products to the customer. BIS Registration i..

  • Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturer.
  • Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers.
  • Eco Mark Scheme.
  • Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme.
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